Techno-social engineering: turning humans into machines

Techno-social engineering

To click, or not to click, has this ever been a question? When we surf the Internet and see an “I agree” button, how many of us actually think before clicking it? In their book Re-engineering Humanity, Frischmann and Selinger mention this example as one of the many aspects of what they call techno-social engineering. … Read more

What’s on your bucket list? Here are some suggestions

bucket list

When it comes to a bucket list, you’ll never run out of things that you wish you can do or experience. However, due to our short lifespans, we won’t be able to check every single thing we wish to do as done.The following is a list of things that you should do before it’s too … Read more

Greatest illusions in Video Games

Video Games illusion

Video game development has been improving each and everyday with new methods and technologies arising. Some video games today are extremely realistic to the point that they are truly indistinguishable from reality. However, there are always some behind the scenes illusions going on when building a game, and we’ll list some of these illusions here. … Read more

Richard Feynman: The Great Explainer

Richard feynman

You probably hear a lot about the genius scientists like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton. But have you ever heard about Richard Feynman before? What makes him special is that he’s not only a brilliant mind, he’s also a great teacher. He became known as the great explainer because he was famous for his ability … Read more

5 nights at Freddy’s. A Scary Game

5 nights at Freddy's

Video games have been a big deal for a long time. As the graphics are getting more and more realistic, it feels like the video games are becoming more like movies while you’re in control of the main character yourself.  5 nights at Freddy’s is one of those survival horror games where you feel like … Read more

Should you replace Whatsapp with Telegram?


Yes you should. Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Telegram and the rest of the messaging apps are now all over the world. These apps are truly helpful when it comes to connecting with your friends and family all the time. Whatsapp is currently the biggest messaging app today as it has reached 2 Billion users recently. However, … Read more

The spookiest audio and video clips on the Internet

Spookiest audio and video clips on the internet

No matter how often you use the Internet, it can always surprise you with things you never expected. Some of them are very useful while others can be super disturbing. If you are easily scared, maybe you should stop reading right now! This list contains some of the spookiest audio and video clips you may … Read more

5 talk shows segments that you will love to watch

watching talk shows

Talk shows have been around for so long, and their viewership is increasing day after day. Talk shows hosts like Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, Graham and others are doing a great job entertaining people. Talk show managers usually divide the show into segments to maintain variety in their shows. Here are our … Read more