Humans are social animals and that is a great gift

Humans are social animals

Life on earth as we know it is full of variety. There are millions of species each having its unique characteristics and behaviors. Variety exists among individual species too. Human beings for example have different traits, colors, actions, thoughts, behaviors, etc… However, one thing that is common among most of us is that Humans are … Read more

300 Days alone in the middle of nowhere

300 days alone

Xavier Rosset, a Swiss adventurer, spent around 300 days alone in Tofua, which is an island in the Pacific Ocean. The reason behind his adventure is that he wanted to experience the old ways of living, and he wanted to experience loneliness and the ‘emotions and thoughts’ evoked by having nearly no contact with people … Read more

The seven deadly sins of blogging

seven deadly sins of blogging

If you’re planning on starting a blog (or you already have one), there are some mistakes that you should learn to avoid. You can find plenty of articles that talk about the technical mistakes that may affect your results. However, this one is different. It’s about you. Your mentality can affect your results as much … Read more

Tom Cruise, The Actor and the Stunt Man

Tom cruise

Acting has always required hard work and a wide range of talents that fit different roles throughout an actor’s career. There are a lot of extremely talented actors who portray their characters in the most realistic way possible. Tom Cruise is a perfect example. Tom always took things to the next level. He puts his … Read more

The Internet’s impact on businesses: a blessing or a curse?

The internet's impact on businesses

Nowadays, we live in a world where everything is connected. The Internet disrupted our entire lifestyles and changed so many things around us. One of the major impacts of the Internet was on businesses. Many huge companies became even bigger, and a lot of companies that chose to stick with the traditional ways went out … Read more

Attack on titan behind the scene messages Part 2

attack on titan

This is part 2 of the messages behind the attack on titan anime, one of the greatest animes of all time. If you haven’t checked part 1 yet, make sure that you do WARNING: The next section of the article contains spoilers for the Attack on Titan anime. If you haven’t watched it yet and … Read more

The hidden gender bias: is the world designed with only men in mind?

The hidden gender bias

Nowadays, all women are struggling to achieve some sort of equality with men. Feminism is getting more popular since so many people are realizing the depths of injustice between the genders. This injustice can be seen everywhere around us: from work opportunities to salaries to education, and even to some everyday objects that are designed … Read more

Have a brilliant idea? Ignore negative people


There are crazy amounts of brilliant ideas that have never seen light because of the number of stones that have been casted at them. Make sure your idea isn’t one of them. Do not allow the things that negative people say about your idea demotivate you or let you down.  Constructive Criticism VS Pure Criticism … Read more

Volcanic lightning: a battle between gods and demons

Volcanic lightning

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to a picture of volcanic lightning, a picture becomes worth a million words. Volcanic lightning is a breathtaking phenomenon and is one of the greatest creations of nature mankind has ever witnessed. How does volcanic lightning happen? This phenomenon happens when lightning strikes … Read more