Do you really need a numpad? The ultimate guide

Do you really need a numpad

Number pads or numpads are being heavily discarded from many of the new Laptops nowadays. But they were a go to years ago. So, do you really need a numpad? Or is it just a useless piece of hardware that needs to disappear? Here’s your answer: It Depends. Most of the time, you will never … Read more

Why aren’t graphics getting better?

Why aren't graphics getting better

If you are a gamer, you may have noticed that the graphics in the new games aren’t improving a lot compared to the prev games, and you may ask, why aren’t graphics getting better? However If you have no Idea about game development, and you have just checked some of the AAA Games released in … Read more

Why do people dye their hair | 4 reasons

Why do people dye their hair

Dying human hair has been around since a long time now, and it’s getting more common everywhere. But why do people dye their hair instead of sticking to their original looks? There are many reasons why people would want to dye their hair different colors. It could be that they need a change in themselves … Read more

You should ALWAYS talk to yourself

you should always talk to yourself

Talking has always been the number one direct conversation with people in general. But what if you decide to use it with yourself? Here’s a little secret for you: you should always talk to yourself. Why should you talk to yourself? Talking to yourself relieves your stress, expresses your emotions in a priceless way, keeps … Read more

What causes overconfidence? And is it a problem?

What causes overconfidence

You’ve definitely seen a lot of people who are overconfident over things that you know are wrong and won’t lead them anywhere. What causes overconfidence? What’s the problem here? To put it in simple words, what causes overconfidence is almost always the lack of knowledge in some matters of life. The more ignorant a person … Read more

Why do we need music? 5 irrefutable reasons

why do we need music

I’ve been told countless times that I need music to relax whenever I feel depressed, and it usually works most of the time. If you’re asking yourself, why do we need music? or in other words, how can it really help? Here’s your answer. Music can help you in many different ways and on all … Read more

I hate Mondays | What should I do?

I hate Mondays

I hate Mondays, is a statement that millions of employees around the world keep repeating constantly. Mondays are widely viewed as the day where the suffering starts. You start your work week on Monday and you just wish that Friday arrives in no time. This is a huge problem that needs to be fixed. Why … Read more

I hate school, what should I do?

I hate school

There is a question that has been asked by almost every student all over the world at some point in their school journey. I hate school, what should I do? No matter how much you loved school, at some point during your time at school, you had at least wished that you didn’t have to … Read more

watching Markiplier play games | how cool is it?

watching Markiplier play games

Video games are all over the internet. People aren’t only playing games, they are watching other people playing games too. For example, watching Markiplier play games is like watching a TV show nowadays. Some people, including me, only watch other people playing video games without playing the games themselves. So what’s so appealing about watching … Read more

Mind blowing thoughts you will love to check out

Mind blowing thoughts

Our mind is the greatest gift we could ever have. With it, comes some mind blowing thoughts every now and then. We call ourselves the intelligent species. We consider ourselves superior to all other existing species because we have intelligence, we have great minds. Everyone of us might have thought of some mind blowing thoughts … Read more