5 talk shows segments that you will love to watch

Talk shows have been around for so long, and their viewership is increasing day after day. Talk shows hosts like Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, Graham and others are doing a great job entertaining people. Talk show managers usually divide the show into segments to maintain variety in their shows. Here are our top 5 Show segments that you might love to watch:

1 – Carpool Karaoke (James Corden)

Carpool karaoke is one of the most famous and loved show segments in the US and many other countries. What happens during the segment is that James Corden pretends to be stuck in traffic while going to work, so he calls a singer celebrity to help him go to work. 

During the segment James and his guest(s) go back and forth between singing and having interesting conversations till they reach their destination.

You might think that James is driving recklessly during the segment. However, he isn’t actually driving. He’s just pretending to be driving while another car in the front is pulling his car.

2 – Lip Sync Battle (Jimmy Fallon)

Jimmy and his guest each pick songs to perform. Each should try to act like he/she is singing the song themselves while the song is playing in the background. The One who does it better is announced as winner. Super funny and enjoyable.


3 – Mean Tweets (Jimmy Kimmel)

If you’re famous, then you got haters. There is no way everybody on the planet loves what you do. Jimmy Kimmel decided that he should make celebrities read mean tweets about them, and the result is hilarious.

4 – Burning Questions (Ellen)

Ellen and her guest each sit on a chair that contains a button in front of them. Ellen asks her guest questions and the guest should answer quickly then click the button in front of them for no reason at all.  What’s cool about this segment is that the questions are sometimes super weird or embarrassing to the guest.

5 – The Red Chair (Graham)

Graham has a segment at the end of his show when he allows normal people to sit on a red chair and tell a story from their life. If the story is not funny, then Graham flips the chair to the back, if the story is good however, the person can leave the chair safely. Graham posted a compilation of the best Red Chair moments that you might like

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