5 tips to avoid Distraction

They say quality is more important than quantity. When talking about time, this quote turns out to be true. It might take you 5 hours to do a specific task if you’re distracted, and it might take you much less time to do the exact same task if you’re using your time very well and putting aside any forms of distraction. We obviously want to make full use of our time because it’s our biggest asset ever. Distractions usually reduce the quality of our time so we decided to give you some tips to avoid any distractions when doing a certain task.

1 – Work as if you have no more time left

I’ll start this tip with a quote that Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, used to abide by. The quote says “If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll certainly be right”. No wonder Steve Jobs achieved so much in his life. He used to work hard each day because he always acted as if he has no more time left, and when people have no time left, they respond fast, they work hard and achieve much more than they would ever imagine they can achieve. Thus, whenever you are working on a task, always try to convince yourself that you have no time left and that you need to finish what you have started as soon as possible. This will help you keep away all the distractions that might rise because they will no longer be a priority to you as your main focus now is to get something done quickly.

2 – Get rid of any distraction tools around you, especially your mobile phone

Having your phone by your side ringing every now and then isn’t a good idea while you’re trying to accomplish a task. Unless you absolutely need to keep your phone beside you, you have to put it away while working on something and check it later in your break time. All those notifications from apps that you use on your phone are to make sure that you visit those apps regularly so that app owners can generate money or achieve other things. Don’t allow that. What you should be doing is using your phone on your own terms and in ways that fits your own schedule not theirs. Phones and notifications can be a huge distraction and they should be put aside along with any other forms of distraction while working on something.

3 – Write down a checklist of the things that you need to do

This worked for us. As bloggers, we constantly need to be working on promoting our content and blog so that our voice reaches a wider audience. We made a checklist of daily things to do in order to promote our blog. The checklist is doing a magical job. We are finishing everything on the list everyday because it feels bad if we reach the end of the day and some of our daily tasks aren’t checked yet. Make sure that you use a daily/weekly checklist. It helps a lot.

4 – Set-up deadlines for your tasks

As your experience grows, you will be able to predict how much time a task might take to be completed. To get rid of any distractions while working on something, predict how much a task might take you to be done, start a timer each time you work on the task and make sure you finish it before the time is up. How does this help? Simple, whenever you try to distract yourself with something else, you instantly remember that you’re losing time and might not be able to finish on time if you don’t go back to working on your task immediately. We use this method when writing our article and it’s amazing.

5 – Set up a schedule for your day/week

Why do companies, schools, governments and all forms of organizations always set schedules for whatever goal they are trying to achieve? Because schedules help getting things done quicker. If you divide your day into tasks, and assign each task a period of time, you’ll find yourself finishing much more tasks than you would normally finish when not having a clue what to do first and when to start, stop or take a break. Schedules are a must and will definitely help you keep any distractions away while you’re working on something important.

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