Are balance bikes safe for children?

So you want to teach your child how to ride a bicycle and you’re considering a Balance Bike. However, a question that can be haunting you is whether or not balance bikes are safe.

Balance bikes are safe most of the time. They are designed to be safe and they are meant to be used by children. The lack of pedals eliminates a lot of risks when it comes to riding a balance bike and makes it more safe.

Playing on a Balance Bike is more safe for your child than playing on regular bikes, skateboards, and other entertainment tools. 

What makes the balance bike safe?

1- They do not have pedals.

If a bike has pedals, it means that your feet are not supposed to touch the ground while riding the bike. You can still push the bike with your feet instead of using the pedals, but the pedals will make it harder for you to do so because they’ll start rotating and they might hit your legs.

So, normal bikes aren’t very safe for children because children won’t be able to balance themselves on a two wheels bicycle without touching the ground. 

Why don’t we just remove the pedals then? That way, children will be able to push themselves easier when riding the bike, and they will be able to keep their balance because they can always use their feet in order to prevent their bike from falling.

This is exactly what a balance bike is. It’s a bike with no pedals. A bike that allows children to keep their balance using their feet.

2 – They can’t move fast.

If the ground your child is using a balance bike on isn’t inclined, then your child can’t move fast on his/her bike.

Moving slowly is a great safety measure not only for bikes but also for so many other vehicles.

Balance bikes ensure that your child is not going to go over a speed limit where things become more dangerous for them.

The reason why your child can’t move fast using their balance bike is because it’s harder to move the bike by pushing your feet forward while touching the ground.

Also, once the balance bike is moving, it becomes even harder for your child to push it further unless they slow down.

So all you need to do when your child uses a balance bike is to make sure that they are not playing on an inclined ground.

3 – They usually have a low center of gravity

A lower center of gravity means that you have more balance. According to this ‘Explain That Stuff’ article, the lower your center of gravity, the easier it is to keep your balance.

Many balance bikes are designed while keeping the center of gravity in mind. They try to lower the center of gravity to help your child keep their balance when using the bike.

With that said, you shouldn’t worry a lot about your child if you pick the right bike.

Here’s a quick question and answer series before I wrap up the article.

What are the benefits of balance bikes?

Balance bikes can help your child keep their balance when riding a bike. This will allow them to learn riding a regular bike with pedals very quickly.

Balance bikes can also be a lot of fun for your child.

Are balance bikes a waste of money?

Some people believe that Balance Bikes are a waste of money because they are only meant to teach children how to keep their balance when riding a bike.

I personally believe that this isn’t true since a balance bike can be a lot of fun and isn’t just intended to teach children how to keep their balance.

They can be used for a long time by your child, and they can be much safer than regular bikes.

Do you need brakes for a balance bike?

Since your child will be moving at a very low speed when using a balance bike, their own feet should be enough to serve as a brake.

Just make sure that your child isn’t playing on an inclined ground and don’t worry about having built in brakes.

At what age can your child start using a balance bike?

Your children can start using the balance bike the moment they can start walking properly. But it’s better to wait a little bit more to make sure that they are 100% safe.

To summarize

Balance bikes are safe for your children because they don’t have pedals, they have a low center of gravity and because they are slow.