Are billionaires happy?

Money has been the ultimate goal for the majority of people on Earth. Success is usually defined by how much money a person has made. Even if you don’t agree with such a definition, it exists. Many people consider having enough money to be the ultimate success.

Now why do people think that money is the ultimate success? It’s because most people think that money leads to happiness, and happiness is something that everybody wants. According to Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher, happiness is the ‘supreme good.

This raises a very controversial question. Are billionaires happy? 

Does having more money mean that your happiness is guaranteed?

Money has helped many billionaires become more happy in their lives, but it didn’t lead every single one of them to happiness. There are some billionaires who believe that their money has been the reason behind their depression.

What does this tell us?

This tells us that money is not enough to ensure the happiness of a person, but it does help a lot in boosting a person’s happiness.

Here are some of the bright sides of having billions of dollars.

A billion dollars guarantees security.

If you have a billion dollars, you won’t worry about whether or not you will be able to pay the rent at the end of the month, or put some food on the table, or work day and night to provide for your family.

Living while not knowing whether or not you will be able to afford food in the next few days is one of the worst situations a person can face in their life.

With that said, having enough money guarantees your security. You know that you have enough money to afford living in a luxurious house and that you do not have to worry about food for the rest of your life.

It’s true that being secure doesn’t mean that you are happy, but being secure means that it’s easier for you to feel happy when you don’t have to worry about the most basic human needs like food, health care and shelter.

Having a lot of money helps you build connections.

Humans are social creatures, and we need connections and interactions with other people to survive mentally the same way we need food to survive physically. Even introverted people will need to communicate with other people to remain sane.

Having a lot of money can help you build connections with high profile people.

Such connections can help you fill your time by attending events, meetings, gatherings, parties, celebrations and so on. If you have millions or billions of dollars, then you can always go out there and meet new people. Not everyone can do that because most of the people are busy working to earn money and survive.

I am not saying that billionaires do not work, in fact they are among the hardest working people on Earth. What I am saying is that they can afford pausing their work to do other things for as long as they want, unlike other people.

Money can increase your choices and opportunities.

Ever heard of the term, you need money to make money? While this term is not always accurate, it makes some sense.

There are a few business ideas that do not require money investments for them to work. If you don’t have a lot of money, your choices are limited to one of these business ideas.

However, if you have millions of dollars, you’ll be able to pour any amount of money into any business that comes to your mind.

With that said, you’ll have much more choices when it comes to business ideas and investments if you have a lot of money.

Keep in mind that rich people don’t always have to risk their own money in a business idea. 

As mentioned before, having billions of dollars will strengthen your connections with other wealthy people and you can always convince these people to invest their money in your business ideas.

This means that you have your money and your connection’s money at your disposal. Your number of choices are much bigger than they would be if you didn’t have a lot of money.

With all of what’s said above, it seems that being a billionaire is a blessing. 

But as you know, a coin has two sides. Being a Billionaire does not mean that you have all your problems solved. 

Having a lot of money raises the expectations from other people.

If you have a lot of money, people around you will expect more from you than from other people. For example, your family members will expect very expensive gifts from you on Christmas or any other anniversary.

If you’re a millionaire, they might expect PlayStations, expensive clothes and many other stuff. If you’re a billionaire, they’ll expect cars, jewelry and so on.

The problem occurs when you don’t give them the gifts that they have expected. Even though your gifts might be the most expensive ones among the other gifts that they have gotten, they might still be mad at you.

You might face the same issue with your beloved one. They’ll expect more from you. They might expect that you take them to expensive restaurants, buy them expensive things and so on.

It’s true that not every single rich person faces such a problem, but one can’t deny that the problem exists very frequently among rich people.

Billionaires face a lot of lawsuits.

When you have a lot of money, you’ll attract a lot of scammers, thieves, and other bad people.

You’ll also be the target for many people who track even your smallest mistakes and try to make money off these mistakes in courts.

Many Billionaires have faced a lot of lawsuits. It’s just a price that you have to pay when you have extreme wealth. People will try to take your money and you need to protect it.

Billionaires might lose their motivation in life.

In life, we are driven by challenges and obstacles. Challenges give us purpose and a reason to live. When you have billions of dollars, it means that you have most probably tackled all of your life challenges and you don’t have any other goal in life to work on.

Not having a goal in life can lead to loss of motivation and can lead to depression. This is a problem that many billionaires have faced.

Notch can be a great example here. Notch is the one man army behind Minecraft, which is one of the most successful games in the gaming industry.

He became a billionaire after selling Minecraft to Microsoft. Yet Notch’s billions did not lead him to happiness. He once tweeted that the problem with getting everything is that you lose all the reasons to keep trying. 

In other words, if you are a billionaire, then you almost have everything, and there might be nothing more to seek. 

With all that said, are billionaires happy all the time?

It depends. Money stops being an important contributor to your happiness when it crosses a certain number. 

Once you have enough money to not worry about how much things cost, then any extra money won’t change anything.

So whether billionaires are happy or not depends on how they decide to live their life and what they decide to do with their money, but it has nothing to do with the excessive amounts of money itself.