Are brown bears dangerous?

Wildlife has been one of the biggest enemies of our ancestors. Ages ago, humans didn’t have the well protected civilisations that we have today, and that made them worry about any encounter with any wild animal out there in nature.

While the number of deaths caused by wildlife animals aren’t as scary as they used to be hundreds of years ago, we still have to be careful about all of your encounters with animals in nature.

Animals like snakes, sharks, and bears can sometimes be dangerous. 

But what about brown bears specifically? Are brown bears dangerous?

Brown bears are dangerous. Brown bears do not usually decide to attack humans and they move away when they see them most of the time. However, they might decide to attack if they feel that they or their children are in danger. If they do attack, you might be in big trouble.

Do brown bears like to attack humans?

Brown bares seldom attack humans. They usually avoid people. However there might be some brown bears that decide to attack.

If you have food, then brown bares will smell it and might pay you a visit to check what kind of food you have.

As you may already know, a bear’s sense of smell is very strong. If you have any food around, the bear might want to check it.

Female brown bears are also known to attack more often because they usually want to protect their children. If you’re too close to a brown bear’s children, you might be in danger.

So even though a brown bear might not decide to attack you most of the time, you still want to stay away from them because if they attack, you will be in a great danger.

How strong are brown bears?

Brown bears are extremely strong. Watch this national geographic video that demonstrates how strong a brown bear can be.

The brown bear is flipping a guy inside a heavy cage like it’s nothing. This shows how strong bears in general can be.

If a brown bear attacks a human, the human stands no chance at all against it. There are methods that you can use however to protect yourself in case a brown bear attacks you. We’ll talk about some of them later in this article.

Can brown bears climb trees?

Yes they can, and they can do it without struggling too. Don’t believe me? Watch by yourself

Here’s a fully grown brown bear climbing a tree without any struggle.

Some people might think that if a bear chases them, they can just climb a tree and the bear won’t follow.

But as you have just seen. If the bear wants to catch you if you decide to climb a tree, it can do that very easily.

How do you deal with a bear encounter?

First, you need to try to make sure it doesn’t attack you.

If you know that you’re going to a place that might contain bears, then try your best not to bring any food with you because bears can smell your food and that might encourage them to move towards you.

Make sure that you stay away from them as far as you can. Do not make sudden moves if you spot one close to you.

Also being in groups might help. A brown bear might decide to stay away from a group of people because it doesn’t want to get in trouble.

If a brown bear decides to attack you, what should you do?

No matter how much you’re afraid, DO NOT RUN. If you decide to run, the bear will feel in control and it will chase you. You have zero chance when it comes to racing with a bear.

Even though brown bears are huge, they are very fast and you can’t outrun them.

There’s a very effective weapon against bears that you can keep with you whenever you visit a place that contains bears, and that is bear spray.

Learn more about bear sprays here. Basically, they are sprays that reduce the bear’s ability to breath, see, and smell for a short period of time. This will give you enough time to escape.

You’ll need to practice how to use bear spray and you always need to keep it with you whenever you think you might encounter a bear. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here’s a link to a bear spray on amazon if you would like to get one for your next hike.

To summarize

Even though brown bears seldom attack people, they are extremely dangerous when they do. Brown bears are very fast and very strong. They can climb trees and they can be a great threat to your life.

Always make sure to bring your bear spray with you whenever you go to a place where you think you might encounter a bear.

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