Are cows being mistreated for milk?

Milk has been a source of nutrition for our ancestors, ourselves, and most probably our upcoming generations.

While there is almost no way humans will be willing to completely abandon the usage of milk, they can still raise and debate the ethical question of whether cows are being mistreated for milk or not.

Are cows mistreated for milk? Yes they are. Cows are being very mistreated for milk in many of the diaries around the world. Some diaries force cows to produce more milk than they should, separate them from their children and send them to slaughter after they’re labeled not suitable for being milked anymore.

Before we start, if you don’t know what a cow diary is, it’s simply a place where cows are kept and milked periodically.

Another important question that can be asked here. Is it inevitable that humans mistreat cows in order to produce their milk? I’ll cover that later in this article.

How are cows being mistreated?

Many diaries around the world are mistreating their cows in a lot of unnecessary ways. Cows are usually being milked more times than what they can handle.

Like all other mammals, cows only produce milk after giving birth and that milk is meant to feed its children, and here is where the problem lies.

In order to secure profits, the huge diaries need to make sure that cows get pregnant very often so that they can both get their milk, and get more cows to produce more milk later.

According to this independent article, What usually happens in diaries is that cows are artificially inseminated in a terrible way.

They take the semen needed from a bull, and then force it into the cows using very brutal methods.

Once the baby is born, they take it away from its mother so that they can start producing milk from the mother immediately.

The way they take the milk out of the cow is by using state of the art machines that are capable of sucking every drop of milk out of the cows in a very painful way.

Some diaries even eject the cows with hormones so that they increase the amounts of milk they can get from it. Here’s an in depth research article talking about the ability to increase the efficiency of milking cows if you’d like to read more about the subject.

What happens to the baby? If it’s a female, it goes through the same cycle her mother had to go through, and if it was a male, then it’s either killed or later sold for meat.

Cows usually go through this same process many times during their lifespan in some diaries. Once the cow is no longer fit for going through the same cycle again, it’s sent to be slaughtered for its meat.

So there you go, this is the kind of life that cows go through in some of the dairies around the world. If that’s not a mistreatment, then what is?

There are many other forms of cruelty that are involved in the dairy industry like torture and other things, but I won’t get into these right now.

Can cows be milked without hurting them?

Yes, definitely. Milking a cow in the traditional way is not harmful or painful for cows at all as many of the small farmers usually point out.

In fact, if treated well, cows usually get excited when their owners are near them. 

Some great farmers who usually treat their cows with respect have mentioned that once they release the cows from their barn, the cows head towards the milking place by themselves without being forced and they usually do not resist at all.

These farmers usually treat the cows in a decent way. They do not force pregnancy on the cows, they do not take their children away from them, and they milk the cows using the more traditional and gentle ways.

Some of my relatives have their own cow barns and I have seen their cows being extremely calm during the milking process. 

I have seen cows licking their owners when they are close to them. I don’t know if this is the cow showing some love for its owner or not, but it’s definitely not an act of violence.

But the big problem here is that treating cows in a respectful way isn’t going to supply the ever growing demand of milk in the market. This causes some of the huge corporations to do what they do best, which is prioritizing profit over everything else.

What are the alternatives?

Plant milk is a thing. Humans are capable of manufacturing milk using plants instead of hurting any animal.

Pant milk is healthy, tastes great, and can easily reduce the consumption of cow milk by a huge amount.

Reducing the consumption of cow milk can help reduce the amount of suffering cows go through in some of the diaries around the world.

Give plant milk a try, if it’s suitable for you, then you’ll be making the world a better place if you keep using it instead of the cow milk.

Another option would be to enforce rules. Rules are what have allowed our civilisations to reach the level of growth that they have reached today.

Without rules, the whole world would descend into chaos and the existence of the human race would be on the line.

Forcing rules that ensure a good treatment for the cows in dairies is a great step towards making the lives of cows much easier.

This will definitely decrease the production of cow milk around the world, but alternatives exist so that should not be a problem at all.

To summarize what you have just read

Cows are being miss treated for milk in many of the diaries that exist around the world. Even though there is a possibility to produce milk from cows without hurting them, this option is usually not the one chosen because it is not considered an efficient way to supply the huge demand of milk in the world.

What can we do? Either go for the plant alternatives, or try to pressure governments to enforce laws that make sure cows and animals in general are not mistreated for their resources.

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