Are field mice dangerous?

Animals around your house can sometimes be a huge concern, especially if you live in a village where there are a lot of animals roaming around.

Depending on where you live, you might encounter a lot of different animal species, and you need to know whether they are dangerous or not, and you need to know how to deal with them.

So far on this blog, we’ve covered how to deal with brown bears, ribbon snakes and groundhogs. This article is going to cover the dangers of field mice and how you should deal with them.

Field mice are very dangerous, and you have to work on getting rid of them as soon as you spot them around your house. Field mice can transmit deadly diseases to you, they can ruin your wood, cut your electric wires which can burn your house and they can do so much more.

Why exactly are field mice dangerous?

Mice can transmit deadly diseases to humans.

Throughout history, animals have transmitted a lot of diseases to humans which have caused crazy amounts of deaths around the world. Mice are among those animals.

Mice are considered to be rodents, and rodents are a huge trouble when it comes to transmitted diseases. Here’s a list of some of the diseases that rodents might transmit to humans.

One of the diseases that mice can transmit is the Hantavirus. The Hantavirus is very dangerous and can be deadly.

But how do mice transmit diseases?

If you touch a mouse, then there’s a risk of getting infected with a disease. But touching a mouse is not the only way to transmit a disease to a human.

The mice’s wastes can transmit diseases to humans too. With that said, anything that a mouse touches may transmit a disease to you. 

If you know that there are mice around your house, you need to be careful. You’ll have to wash the things that might have come in touch with mice before you can use them again.

Diseases aren’t the only troubles that mice can cause.

Mice can cost you a lot of money.

They have strong front teeth, and these teeth can help them bite a lot of things. They can ruin any wood that you have outside your house and they can cut wires inside your car.

They can fit inside pipes causing them to malfunction. They can also literally burn down your house by chewing electric wires. If you do not have proper electricity protection inside your house, then cutting an electric wire can cause you to lose your house.

With that said, a mouse can cause you a lot of financial trouble. I personally had to pay a lot of money to fix my car because of some mice cutting wires inside it.

And there are a lot of other examples of people paying so much money because of the damage that field mice have done to their properties.

Can mice fit in tiny holes?

Mice can fit through very tiny places. Here’s a quick example.

As a rule of thumb, if a mouse can fit its head inside a hole, then it can fit its whole body inside the hole too.

With that said, mice can penetrate your house very easily, especially if they sense that there is food they can steal from your house. If there exists any tiny hole in any wall inside your house, then know that mice are able to go inside very easily.

So, to avoid any troubles, you need to get rid of the field mice quickly because they reproduce very fast.

One female mouse can turn into tens of mice in less than a few months, and these tens of mice can later turn into hundreds of mice in no time. So you need to act immediately after you notice that mice exist inside or outside of your house.

Now comes the most important question.

How to get rid of field mice?

Here are some techniques that you can use to avoid any mice troubles.

1- Get a pet

Pets, especially cats, can help you get rid of mice. One of the best ways to get rid of mice is to adopt a cat and let nature take its course.

Cats love to chase mice, and they also feed on them. With that said, a couple of cats around your house can do the trick. The cats can either kill the field mice or scare them away.

3- Use traps.

So lets say that you don’t want to get pets and instead, you want to deal with the mice yourself. Traps can be of a great benefit to you.

You might want to place a lot of mice traps around your house and not just a few. Why? Because there might be more mice inside your house than you think there is, and because you can’t be 100% sure that a mouse will pass through your trap the moment you place it.

3- Call for professional help.

If you don’t want to deal with mice yourself, you can just call some professionals to do the job. There are many animal control agencies around the world that can help you deal with any kind of animal in a professional way.

Find an animal control agency around you, pay them money, and they’ll handle the rest by themselves.

To summarize

Field mice are dangerous. They can transmit deadly diseases to humans, and they can cause a lot of property damage. Mice can penetrate small holes very easily and they reproduce fast. 

To get rid of them, you can either get a cat as a pet, or place traps around your house, or simply pay for an animal control agency and let them handle the situation.