Are Presence Speakers Worth it?

The movies industry has skyrocketed in the last few decades and it’s still growing bigger each and every day. People head to theaters whenever a new movie is released.

However, some people prefer to watch movies at home, and they try to replicate the movie theater feeling as much as possible inside their rooms. Presence speakers are one of the tools used to help you recreate a theater feeling at home, but are they worth it?

Presence speakers are a nice sound feature to have when you are watching a movie or listening to a song at home, however they aren’t necessary at all. Whether presence speakers are worth it or not depends on your budget and your goal.

If you are on a big budget and you are determined to recreate the theater feeling inside one of your rooms at home, then presence speakers are definitely worth it. 

However if you are just looking to enjoy a movie without any fancy features, then it’s better to spend the money on something that can make a bigger difference in your TV setup.

What do presence speakers do?

In very simple words, presence speakers try to enhance the ambient sounds in whatever you are listening to in order to create the feeling of a 3D sound environment around you.

So the goal behind a presence speaker is to make you feel that you are ‘present’ inside the environment that the sound is coming from.

To understand what presence speakers exactly do, you need to know more about ambient sounds.

What are ambient sounds?

Ambient sounds are the sounds that come from the backgrounds. For example, if someone is playing a musical instrument inside a room, the sound that hits the walls of the room and then reflects to your ears is the ambient sound, or the background sound.

In movies, ambient sounds are the background sounds of waterfalls, wind, birds, office noises and many others. They are the background sounds that make the scene alive and more realistic.

With that said, all of what presence speakers do is make sure that you experience the ambient sounds in the best way possible whenever you watch and listen to anything.

For example. Let’s say that you’re watching a musical orchestra that is taking place inside a theater.

Theaters are usually designed in a way to make sure that the reflection of the sounds inside the theater makes your experience much better. 

The presence speaker’s job is to replicate the reflection of sound inside your room so that you can experience the sound the way you would if you were present inside the theater room yourself.

Same thing applies to movies. Presence speakers will try their best to make sure that you feel you’re inside the environment where the action is taking place. It feels that the sound is coming from different places and that you are in the scene yourself.

How is it possible for the presence speakers to replicate the ambient sounds?

Presence speakers manufacturers visit real theaters to try to calculate the ambient sounds and study the way they work. 

Then they write software algorithms that take a sound as an input, and try to guess the ambient sound based on the calculations that they have done earlier. Then they output the ambient sound into the presence speakers that you use.

So, should you buy present speakers?

If you have enough money and you are interested in having a 3D sound effect that makes you feel like you’re inside the environment you’re watching and listening to, then go for it. Here’s an amazon link to some speakers if you’d like to check them out.

However, if you don’t have a lot of money, then they are not worth it. You can just forget about getting a presence speaker because you won’t ruin your movie experience without one.

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