Are Sky Lanterns Safe?

Watching a sky lantern rise up can be one of the most satisfying ways to spend your time with a loved one or with your friends. The beauty of watching fire rising up in the sky is just breathtaking.

However unfortunately sky lanterns may not be safe all the time.

Sky lanterns are not safe. They pose a huge threat on the environment and they have caused many wildfires and property damages around the world. Since sky lanterns use fire to rise up, many things can go wrong when they go up and when they land.

So the only one concern when it comes to sky lanterns is that there is a high chance that they start a fire somewhere around the place that they were used. Sky lanterns can burn down houses, farms, lands and so on.

To understand why sky lanterns can cause a threat on the environment, we first need to know how they work.

How do sky lanterns work?

As you may already know, hot air is lighter than cold air because it is less dense. When air is heated, it expands and thus it becomes less dense. This causes the hot air to rise up and the cold air to fall down.

So what happens if you trap the hot air in a balloon or any other light bag? It flies in the air and keeps rising up.

Sky lanterns work exactly like air balloons. They trap the hot air inside a bag causing it to keep rising up because the hot air inside the bag is lighter than the cold air outside.

With that said, you need fire for sky lanterns to work, and here comes the problem.

When you light a sky lantern, it starts rising, but there will come a point in time where either the fire isn’t enough to heat up enough air or the bag itself catches fire and leaks the air inside it.

When this happens, the sky lantern will fall down and there is a high chance that it falls while still on fire.

If a sky lantern on fire falls down and hits anything that can catch fire on the ground, then the fire might spread and cause a lot of damage.

For that reason. Sky lanterns are not considered safe at all.

Even if you go to a place where there isn’t anything flammable around you, sky lanterns can still cause damage because they are very light and thus they can travel long distances because of the wind.

Are sky lanterns illegal?

Sky lanterns are illegal in some states and in some countries around the world. The reason they were made illegal is the number of wildfires and losses that they have caused around the world.

Thus, whenever you decide that you want to use sky lanterns, make sure that you check the laws of the state or the country that you live in. Else you might get in trouble.

You also need to be very careful even if the place you live in permits you to use sky lanterns. You really don’t want to cause a wildfire somewhere around you.

Can you create sky lanterns by yourself?

Yes you can. It is very simple to create a sky lantern at home by yourself. There is a big chance that you already have the material that you need to build it.

And if you don’t, they aren’t expensive at all.

You need something to hold the flammable material that you use, some sticks to form a base, and a paper bag to capture the hot air. Here’s a YouTube video of how you can do it.

What are sky lanterns festivals?

If you absolutely love sky lanterns and you desperately need to see them fly but you’re afraid of the damage they can cause, then why don’t you join a sky lantern festival?

They are festivals where hundreds and even thousands of people gather together to light their sky lanterns at the same time and watch them rise up in the sky.

They can be a great adventure for you. Instead of watching your own sky lantern fly alone, you’ll watch it fly alongside thousands of others.

Some sky lantern festivals can be truly magical. Here’s a video from the rise lantern festival. I’ll let you judge by yourself.

To summarize

Sky lanterns are not safe. They have been a cause of wildfire all around the world because of the way they work and they have been banned in many states and countries all over the globe. Always be careful of when and where you set your sky lantern on fire.