Are wheel spacers safe?

Your car might be one of the most essential assets in your life. With that said, you want to make sure that your car is safe every time it hits the road. Cars are also expensive, so any problems in your car can cost you a fortune.

With that said, you need to make sure that your car is completely safe whenever you decide to add any extra part to it, including a wheel spacer. If you’re worried whether or not wheel spacers are safe, here’s your answer.

Wheel spacers are perfectly safe given that they are installed properly. However, if your car does not really need them, then it’s better if you decide not to install them on your car. Although they have their benefits, they usually aren’t necessary at all if you get the correct set of tires for your car.

What do wheel spacers do?

Just like the name implies, wheel spacers add more space between the wheel and the wheel hub assembly inside your car.

They are a circular piece of metal that is placed in between the wheel and the wheel hub assembly for the sole purpose of creating more space between the two.

This might sound unnecessary to you, but in some scenarios, wheel spacers come in handy.

How are wheel spacers helpful?

Here are some scenarios in which wheel spacers can be helpful to you.

1- Wheel spacers help you install a wheel of a different size to your car.

The wheels that come with your car have a certain size that is considered the perfect size for your car to function properly. 

However, some people prefer bigger wheels because they add some benefits to your car. Other people just buy wheels with the wrong size by mistake and they don’t want to pay more money for a new set of wheels because of their mistake, and here comes the job of the wheel spacer.

Wheel spacers might allow you to fit a set of wheels with different size than the original wheels of the car. 

The offset that they create between your new wheels and the wheel hub assembly can help prevent the wheel from contacting some internal parts in the car.

2- Wheel spacers make a car look better

There are many people out there who love to decorate their car and make it look the best way possible. One way to do so is to make sure that the car wheels pop out.

A car looks far more interesting when a small part of the wheel is outside the edge of the car. A wheel spacer can help you go for the look that some people call the ‘VIP look’.

In order to make your wheels pop out of the car edge a little bit, you’ll need to add more space between them and the wheel hub, and that’s the job of a wheel spacer.

3- Wheel spacers can enhance the performance of your car

While it might not be noticeable a lot, increasing the width between your wheels can slightly increase the balance of your car and add some extra performance benefits to it.

Some people add wheel spacers to their cars to help them during drifting and other extreme car sports actions.

Even though wheel spacers have some benefits, you need to think a lot before getting one, and if you do, you need to make sure that you install it properly. Proper installation determines whether the wheel spacer is going to be safe or not.

There is a chance that your wheel flies off your car while you’re driving on the road if it wasn’t installed properly.

Here’s a quick checklist that you need to consider when you decide to add a wheel spacer

1- Make sure you get a wheel spacer with the correct width.

The thickness plays a huge role when it comes to installing the proper wheel spacer. You need to make sure that you pick the wheel spacer with the correct thickness, or else you might run into troubles.

Here’s a good article that guides you on how to do that. What they do is try different thicknesses and test the result. However, you definitely shouldn’t buy multiple wheel spacers just to test which one works, what you can do is use a regular hardware-store type washer to do some tests and know the perfect wheel spacer thickness for your car.

2- Get a good wheel spacer.

If you want to install a wheel spacer, you need to get one from a highly reputable manufacturer. Some wheel spacers contain cheap metals to make sure that the production cost is low. This may affect your car negatively.

Some wheel spacers overheat, others can’t handle pressure and so on. So in order to insure safety, make sure that you get a decent wheel spacer and not a crappy one. Good wheel spacers are more expensive but if your life’s on the line, then it’s better if you pay a little bit more to stay safe.

3- Install it properly.

No matter how good your wheel spacer is, if you do not install it properly, then you run a huge risk of losing your wheel while driving. If you are not sure how to install them properly, then it’s much better if you visit an expert and ask them to do it for you.

To summarize the article

Wheel spacers are safe if they are installed properly. They have a lot of benefits to the car. They make a car look better, they allow you to install wheels with size different than the original ones, and they improve the performance of the car in some cases.

Even though wheel spacers are safe and great, it’s always the best option to use wheels with the size that your car manufacturer suggests instead of having to use a wheel spacer.