Attack on titan behind the scene messages Part 1

Ever watched Attack on Titan? If you’re an anime fan, then there is no way you haven’t watched it or at least heard about it yet. 

Attack on Titan was one of the first animes that I have ever watched in my life, and now I view anime in general from a totally different perspective. It’s a great emotional journey. When you watch it, you experience love, loss, anger, satisfaction, happiness, surprise, joy, trust and much more. 

The Anime also contains crazy plot twists that you might never have guessed. This makes it one of the most unpredictable animes to ever exist.

WARNING: The next section of the article contains spoilers for all the 3 seasons of the Attack on titan anime. If you haven’t watched it yet and you’re planning to, save the article for later and do not proceed.

The following are some of the real life messages that are conveyed in the animated series:

1 – Humans might not be the only intelligent species in the whole universe

In Attack on Titan season 1, the people behind the wall have built their society and believed for more than 100 years that they are the only people left in the whole world. If anything happens to them, humans won’t exist anymore.

This is the exact same replica of what’s happening in our real world. A lot of the humans on earth believe that they are the only intelligent species in the whole universe because humans haven’t seen any signs of intelligent lives outside Earth up to this day, yet there is a huge chance that they might be wrong.

Attack on titan later reveals in season 3 that the society behind the wall is extremely tiny compared to the real society outside the island that Eren and his people live on. 

The writer might be conveying the message that people usually limit their thoughts to what they have experienced in their past. There are always exceptions however. Eren and his friend Armin believed that there is definitely a source of life outside the walls, and they dedicated their whole life to prove their theory. 

Armin literally died to make sure his friend can still discover the outside world (he was later revived of course). Eren and Armin represent all those people in our world who believe that there is a form of intelligence outside Earth and are trying their best to prove it.

2 – Trust makes you vulnerable to all forms of danger.

In season 1, the people of the walls are believed to be living in harmony together. They all trust each other and they are all fighting by each other’s sides to kill their common enemy, the titans.

At the end of season 1 however, Annie turns out to be the Female titan that killed most of the Elite fighters. Later in season 2, Reiner and Bertholdt reveal themselves as the Armoured and Colossal titans in the most shocking scene ever. 

The people whom Eren and his friends trusted turned out to be the same people who destroyed their hometown and helped in killing Eren and Mikasa’s mother.

The writer is trying to say that the more you trust people around you, the more vulnerable you are to problems in your life. Even the people who you think are the closest to you might turn out to be the total opposite.

There will be part 2 of this topic because there are so much more messages that can be derived from the Attack on Titan anime. If you’re an attack on titan fan, leave some of your findings in the comments section below.

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