Attack on titan behind the scene messages Part 2

This is part 2 of the messages behind the attack on titan anime, one of the greatest animes of all time. If you haven’t checked part 1 yet, make sure that you do

WARNING: The next section of the article contains spoilers for the Attack on Titan anime. If you haven’t watched it yet and you’re planning to watch it, save the article for later and do not proceed.

The following are some of the real life realities that are conveyed in Attack on Titans.

1 – Human’s actions are labeled as either good or bad based on subjective measures.

After Armin suspects that the female titan could be Annie, the scouts come up with a plan to confirm Armin’s theories. During the plan’s execution, Armin asks Annie to help him free Eren from prison. Annie refuses at first. 

Then they have a little conversation where Armin points out that whether Annie is a good or a bad person varies depending on his own interests. If Annie helps him, she’s good, if she doesn’t then she’s labeled as a bad person by Armin.

On the other hand, Berthold and Reiner would label Annie as a bad person if she decides to team up with Armin and the rest of the humans behind the walls.

In general, people want to be labeled as good people by society. However, the contradiction between the different standards that makes a person labeled ‘good’ can sometimes cause excessive harm and confusion to that person leading him/her to make wrong decisions.

Best thing to do here is that you never try to please people that might be using you and instead let common sense decide what action you should take next. If you worry about everybody’s opinion, you’ll end up wasting your whole life trying to please people and never succeeding at it.

2 – Fear is the human’s worst enemy

The characters in Attack on titan experience a wide range of emotions during the show with fear being the dominant one. The fear from the Titans dominates the emotional journeys of the characters.

In the first Titans attack on humanity, you see people running and screaming with fear in their eyes. None of them was able to think or act. Had people calmed down and maintained order, more would have survived the attack and made it behind the second wall.

Same thing happened on the second Titans attack. Even though there were more trained soldiers, all the training ment nothing because the soldiers let fear control their actions putting them in even more danger and causing them to make wrong decisions.

Attack on Titan pictures what fear can do to a person. Fear can paralyze your brain, which is the human’s biggest asset. What’s worse is that fear can make your brain work against you by making terrible decisions without a single thought. This makes fear the human’s worst enemy.

That’s it from us, what about your interpretations? Let’s know about them in the comments section.