Benefits of healthy competitions

Competitions surround our lives from the day that we are born till we die. While some competitions can be toxic and can affect you negatively, other competitions can be healthy and extremely beneficial.

But what are the benefits of a healthy competition?

Healthy competitions are full of benefits, they can help you grow and learn more, they can push you to work harder and achieve more, and they can also help the public by pushing companies to deliver quality products at lower costs and so on.

Benefits of healthy competitions at work.

If held well, competitions at companies can yield excellent results for both the employees and the company they work for.

However, the managers at work need to be very careful about making sure that these competitions do not become toxic and ruin the healthy work environment at the company.

Competitions at work can push employees to work harder and achieve better results in less time. 

This can definitely have a huge impact on the company because time is the most important asset a company has and using time efficiently is a great step towards its success.

Competitions at work are also helpful for the employees themselves. If you, as an employee, compete in a healthy way with your co-worker, you’ll have to find new ways to do things faster and better. This will help you to learn and grow your set of skills and knowledge very quickly.

Facebook, for example, has an excellent way of creating healthy competitions between it’s employees.

Facebook launches a hackathon for it’s employees every now and then. For those who don’t know, hackathons are coding competitions between software developers.

What happens is that you have to stay in a place for a period of time (48 hours for example) to create a prototype for a new software or a new feature.

Then after the period ends, a panel of judges assess each prototype and announce a winner.

These facebook hackathons have resulted in many of the features that you see in facebook today.

So these competitions helped the company create new features and products. They also helped the employees as they usually have a lot of fun, take a break from their normal day job and learn a lot.

Benefits of healthy competitions between children.

The competitions between children teaches them that it is okay if they lose.

Every human will face a lot of failures in their life. The way people react to failures can affect their whole life. Life is full of obstacles, and people will fail many times. People who take these failures well are more likely to succeed than the ones who don’t.

If children are taught to embrace failures and losses through small competitions, then they will learn to overcome failures more quickly and to keep pushing in life.

Benefits of healthy competitions at school

This one is a little bit tricky. Usually, there shouldn’t be any form of grades competition between school students as it has a lot of negative effects on them.

However, competitions that do not decide the grades of students can always be beneficial.

For example, one competition could be about which student can learn the most about elephants in 3 days.

If such competitions were not graded, and were not mandatory, then the results can be great.

Students will get to learn a lot by doing things that they chose to do instead of being forced to learn about topics they aren’t interested in, and such competitions can be fun.

If every competitor was praised for the work they did, more students will want to join and thus more students will learn.

Benefits of healthy competitions between companies

Competitions between companies push each of the competing companies to provide better and cheaper products to the market.

Business competitions have tremendous effects on both the economy and the technology.

The higher the competition in a business field, the better results companies should deliver to stand out. Thus these competitions bring so much value to the market.

Take the major mobile phones manufacturers as an example. Samsung, Apple, and other companies are pushing more advanced products each year in order for them to stand out and beat the others.

The result is the excellent mobile technologies that are in the hands of the customers today.

These competitions can benefit the companies themselves too. Companies will learn to sustain themselves and become stronger with each competition that they go through. 

Competitions also push companies to improve their internal processes and get rid of any weaknesses that they have.

Finally, The benefits of healthy competitions against yourself

Competitions against yourself are your greatest source of improving and pushing yourself to achieve more.

You grow by competing with yourself, you increase your set of skills, you become an expert and so on.

For example, I have been competing with myself for a long time now. I set a challenge for each month, and I push myself hard to win the challenge no matter how hard it was.

I challenge myself to write an x amount of articles and to create an x amount of mobile games per month.

This has improved my efficiency by a lot and is helping me get better with what I do.

So always compete with yourself harder and push yourself to learn more everyday.