Blog ideas for teens | 4 Awesome ideas

Blogging has been an entrepreneurship path for so many young people. If you want to become one of these young entrepreneurs, there are many blog ideas for teens that you can use to achieve it.

So if you’re looking for blog ideas for teens to start your blog immediately, but have no clue what to do or how to do it, this is a great place for you to figure things out, so stick around.

But before I start throwing some blog ideas for teens on you

I’ll try and convince you in a very few words that you’re doing the right thing by wanting to start your own blog at a young age.

  • You’re still young and you can afford all the blogging mistakes that you make.
  • Blogging needs time and you now have plenty of it.
  • Blogging will connect you with people and grow your social status.

I’ll go quickly through these 3 bullet points and then jump right into some blog ideas for teens.

First of all, there is no way you won’t make any mistakes when you start a blog for the first time. 

When we started this blog for example, we made a lot of mistakes. The key is that you should recover fast from your mistakes and learn for the next time.

Doing these mistakes while you’re still young is a privilege because you’re still in the process of learning things. 

Best way to learn something is to try it by yourself, make mistakes and fix them by yourself.

you’ll learn a lot about blogging and when you come to the point where you need to be a professional blogger, you’re completely ready.

Blogging needs time, and you currently have plenty of it

If you dedicate a few hours from your time each weekend for a year, you’ll end up having a blog that might be able to support you financially in ways you couldn’t imagine before.

Finally, if you’re a blogger, you’ll connect with so many people, and that is a great privilege to have especially if you’re still young. 

You’ll grow stronger relations with people and they’ll be amazed at what you can do at this age.

Now back to the reason you’re reading this in the first place,

What are some blog ideas for teens?

1 – Write about your highschool life

This is something that a lot of other teenagers would like to read about. The daily struggles, the exams, the bullying and how you deal with it, the love life and so on.

There are thousands of topics that you can write about if you decide to create a blog centered around your high school life.

If you decide to do so, you need to make sure that you write subjectively. You should write from your own experience.

Talk about everything, even the simplest things that you encounter during your high school period.

In my personal opinion, this is one of the best blog ideas for teens.

One thing to note here, your audience won’t necessarily be only high school students. There are many people interested in knowing more about high school life.

For example (warning, this is a joke), It would be extremely nice of you if you help movie directors learn more about the true high school life because they seem to know nothing about it when they direct movies around teenagers at their schools.

You might claim that this is not scalable. Once you’re not in high school anymore, then your blog is done. This is not true however.

There are so many things that happen during your high school years that you could keep writing about for the rest of your life.

Even if you decide you don’t want to write about your high school life when you graduate or leave, you will have learned A LOT about blogging.

You’ll be much more experienced with writing blogs and you can easily start and grow a new blog.

2 – Write about the things you do for fun

This might seem not very exciting at the beginning but it’s truly one of the best blog ideas for teens.

Your teenage years are your fun years. Usually, teenagers will have plenty of free time and they would love to do things for fun.

Why don’t you be the one who tells them how to have fun? There are so many things that you can write about. 

You could suggest drawing lessons, learning music instruments, playing real life video games, playing football etc.

Each of the above ideas could be written in a well structured and in-depth blog post. There are endless possibilities when it comes to having fun.

Not only teens of your age will love your blog, but also parents will love it. Parents might want to read many of your posts so that they know how to help their kids have fun.

3 – Write about how you study

If you’re a nerd, you might not like to write about any of the blog ideas for teens mentioned above. This one’s for you.

A lot of high school students struggle to balance their life. They are stuck between wanting to enjoy life and doing well at high school.

Some teens are also not as capable as you might be when it comes to studying effectively and scoring very well on exams.

If you don’t step up, who will? After all, you’re the one that knows best. On your blog, you can give teenagers tips to avoid distraction, tips on how to study effectively, and so much more.

You can either explain the materials that they’re supposed to learn in a much simpler way and be the hero and the savior.

4 – Write about future plans

This will be the last of the blog ideas for teens that I’ll suggest for you here.

As you may have already known, the struggle of finding a path and knowing what to do after high school is real.

Once you graduate, you’ll have plenty of options to pick from. Some students pick blindly just because they have to and they might end up wasting their potential.

If a high school student decided that he/she wants to take a gap year, then that’s good for them.

However, if they have to immediately decide their fate after high school, then they at least need to know about the options they are picking from.

Writing just about that would be an awesome idea. You’ll need to do a lot of research yourself about all the possibilities that a high school student can have after graduation.

After you’ve done your research, you’ll have plenty of things to suggest for fellow teenagers on your blog.

They’ll listen to you because you might be more authentic to them than anyone else. You’ve faced the same struggles as they did, they’ll believe that you know what you’re talking about.

Throw all of the possibilities at them in your blog posts and many teenagers will be happy to read your articles.

Final words

If you have decided to start a blog, I would advise you that you check out these two excellent 

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Don’t make the mistakes that we did on this blog. Just start right now, learn about how to rank on google, work on the social side of the blog and you’ll do fine.

If you’re read this far, Thank you. I’ll have to end the article here. Wish you best of luck at whatever you decide to do.

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