Can a deaf person sing? 2 success stories that prove they can

Some people live their day to day life not realizing that being able to use their five senses is a blessing on its own.

Imagine you woke up one day and couldn’t hear anything around you, how would you feel? Some people wake up like that every single day.

Being deaf is challenging, yet it doesn’t stand in the way of achieving dreams. But what if that dream was to become a singer? Can a deaf person sing even when they can’t hear their own voice?

It isn’t common for deaf people to become famous singers, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking this question. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Mandy Harvey and Marko Vuoriheimo are two perfect examples that a deaf person can indeed create amazing songs, so let’s learn more about their stories.

Can a deaf person sing if they lost hearing at later stages of their life?

Mandy Harvey wasn’t born deaf. When she was a child, she had hearing problems and underwent many surgeries to try and correct them. Despite those efforts, she gradually lost her hearing due to a connective tissues disorder called EDS.

Her talent as a singer was discovered in her childhood, and she used to sing a lot as a child. That’s why losing her hearing had a negative impact on her at first and made her quit college where she was studying vocal music education.

However, this stage didn’t last. Mandy decided to go back to singing and fight for her dreams. Today, she’s a successful singer, songwriter and motivational speaker.

She wrote a book called “Sensing the Rhythm: Finding My Voice in a World Without Sound” in which she tries to help others pursue their dreams and hopes.

Here’s one for her amazing songs:

This song is very special and has a very touching part: at around 2:10 the sound goes out, which invites us to live her own experience of how life is for her.

Mandy is full of talent and a living proof that a deaf person can sing and excel at it, but we can’t deny that she had an advantage: she wasn’t born deaf. According to her, she relies on her near perfect pitch mixed in with muscle memory from when she used to sing before in order to sing now.

But what about people who were born deaf?

Can a deaf person sing if they were born without hearing?

This one is more challenging, but it’s also not impossible. Marko Vuoriheimo (aka Signmark) is a living proof of that.

He was born deaf but his childhood dream was to become a singer. Despite so many people doubting him, he never lost hope.

With his hard work and dedication, he was able to land a record deal with an international music label and became the first deaf person in the world to do that.

Signmark is a proof that music is not only for those who hear: even a deaf person can have success in the music industry. He was fascinated with hip-hop and started releasing his own hip-hop songs.

Signmark’s songs and lyrics are so powerful and amazing, and here’s one example:

In this song, he tells the story of his life as a deaf person and emphasizes an important message:

Damn right we can’t hear, but I don’t care

We ain’t disabled here, I use sign language yeah

A person being deaf doesn’t mean they’re less capable of achieving their dreams. Everything’s possible with enough hard work and dedication.

But how can a deaf person sing if they can’t hear anything?

It relies on two factors: the person and the people around them. That’s how both Mandy and Signmark succeeded.

When singing, they can sense music through touch. They feel the vibration of the drums and bass, and that’s what helps them follow the beat.

In Mandy’s case, her muscle memory was also a helping factor.

In addition to this, the encouragement and help of the people around them can play a huge role in helping them succeed (as was the case for Signmark).

These two success stories shed the light on an important thing: it’s usually the barriers that we create for ourselves that stop us from achieving our dreams.

Even the smallest goals like camping above the clouds or crossing off all the items on your bucket list can’t be achieved if you don’t believe in yourself.

Can a deaf person sing? Definitely, if they put enough dedication in it. It’s a hundred times more challenging, but not impossible. Everything in life is the same. Sometimes, a goal can be more challenging to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it.

Stay strong, and always chase your dreams!

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