Can music help you during your workout?

Last year, I decided that I should give more attention to my health and start working out regularly. But as a college student, I struggled to find some time to go to the gym. That’s why I decided that instead of going to the gym, why don’t I bring the gym home? I bought an elliptical machine and made a workout plan. I felt so ready and excited, and I was sure that I’ll go on for at least an hour every day. However, on my first day, I collapsed in the first ten minutes. This kept happening again and again, until I started listening to music while working out. I stopped counting the seconds and I was actually enjoying my time. So what’s the secret about workout music? And does it make your workout more effective?

1. Music affects your mood

Sometimes listening to sad music can make you depressed, oldies can make you feel nostalgic and techno songs can make you want to dance. Similarly, when you listen to energetic music, you can feel a boosting energy flowing through your body. In addition to that, great lyrics can motivate you and help you overcome the urge to stop when you start getting tired.

2. You won’t get easily bored

Imagine that you decide to run on a treadmill. The first 10 minutes are fine, but after that you might start feeling bored. The problem is that when people get bored, they feel like time is going slower. Each extra minute you run when you’re bored can seem like 10 minutes. Eventually, this could make you feel more exhausted than you actually are. That’s where workout music can help. If you run while listening to music, your mind would get distracted. While enjoying your run, the time will pass and you won’t even feel it. This can turn your workout from a boring painful activity to an enjoyable one that you look forward to every day!

3. The right workout music can push your limits

A study performed on cyclists revealed that those who listened to music with a fast tempo worked harder and enjoyed it much more than slow songs. Some types of music can get you more excited than others, and can make you forget your fatigue and push yourself a bit more.

So the next time you’re heading for your workout, make sure you prepare a good playlist. It might be the secret ingredient you were looking for to enhance your workout results!