Can YouTube videos be downloaded?

YouTube is one of the biggest video platforms these days. I personally spend more than 2 hours each day on YouTube and I’m even planning to start my own YouTube channel someday in the future.

One feature that everyone cares about when it comes to YouTube is the ability to download videos so that you can watch them later. Is this feature embedded in YouTube however?

YouTube allows you to download the videos that you want so that you can later watch them on the YouTube platform itself. However, YouTube does not allow you to download videos as an mp4 file to be used somewhere else outside of YouTube.

So you can download videos but you can only access them from your YouTube app but you can’t have the videos downloaded to your gallery.

There are websites and apps that can be used to download YouTube videos to your gallery but these methods are against Google’s terms of service and I recommend that you do not use any of them.

I’ll show you how to download videos for offline usage later in this article, but first…

Why doesn’t YouTube allow you to download videos?

The answer is very simple. They don’t want you to trap you on their website. The moment you download the video and use it outside YouTube is the moment YouTube loses a chance to show you an ad.

As you may have already know, YouTube’s main source of revenue is advertisement. As much as they annoy you when you watch a video on the platform, they are essential because they help the platform pay its bills and they help hundreds of thousands of YouTube creators.

If YouTube allows you to download any video you want, then you’ll share the video itself with your friends instead of sharing a link to the video on YouTube. Google, the company that owns YouTube, does not want that for sure because they’ll lose a chance to bring your friends to their platform and make more money.

Keeping a user on a website isn’t just something done by YouTube only, it’s something that’s done by every major social platform, store, blog, and other websites online.

Take Facebook as an example, Facebook wants to make sure that you get addicted to their platform too. They send you notifications, they keep asking you to open the app for any reason.

How to download videos from YouTube.

In order to be able to download a video to watch it later offline on YouTube, you’ll need to be using the YouTube mobile app. You can’t download videos to watch later if you’re using YouTube from a web browser.

Also, not every YouTube video can be downloaded.

Here’s how you download a YouTube video from the android or iOS mobile app.

Pick any video you want, then click the options button that is right next to the video

A menu will appear containing the option to download the video. Click the download button and that’s it, your video will start downloading.

In order to view your downloaded videos offline, click on the gallery button, then click on the downloads button and you’ll find all of your downloaded videos there.

That’s it. It’s very simple.

Why would people want to download videos from YouTube?

This is the last question before I wrap up the article. People usually want to download the videos for many purposes, but most of the videos that will be downloaded are music videos.

YouTube is home for thousands of artists. In fact, most of the ‘most viewed’ videos on YouTube are music videos.

You might want to download music videos for offline use so that you can still listen to some music even when you’re offline.

To summarize what you have just read

YouTube does allow you to download videos however the videos won’t exist in your gallery and you will only be able to view the videos from the YouTube app itself. One of the main reasons they do that is because they want you to stay on their app or website so that they can make more money.