Can’t enjoy video games anymore | What happened?

Video games have always been a great source of enjoyment and fun for many people.

However, there comes a point where some of these people feel that they can’t enjoy video games anymore. At least not the way that they used to enjoy them before. What’s the problem here?

There are many reasons why you can’t enjoy video games anymore. It could be that you play video games all day and everyday, or that you only play the same game genre every time, or that you feel guilty of not doing something more productive.

Before I proceed, let me tell you that most gamers encounter the loss of enjoyment in video games at some point in their gaming journey. So you’re not alone in this.

Why does this happen? And what are the solutions? Stick around to know more about it.

Why can’t I enjoy video games anymore?

1- You are playing too much

As you may have already known from your personal experience, humans get used to things very quickly.

Almost everything that you do repetitively in life becomes less enjoyable with time. I believe you can already relate to that. Playing video games is the same thing.

As this ‘Science Daily’ article claims, 10% of the people who play video games develop a true addiction to playing these video games.

If you’re addicted to something, you’ll constantly need to experience it repetitively to the point that it does not become enjoyable and what’s worse is that it becomes frustrating.

You may reach a point where you don’t enjoy playing video games but you’ll feel anger and frustration if you don’t play.

2 – Lack of variety in the video game that you choose

Other reasons for not enjoying video games anymore is that you’re only focusing on one genre in video games and you have already got used to it.

As you may have already noticed, video games that belong to the same genre have a lot of things in common to the point that they all feel the same games but with different graphics and story lines.

Playing games that all have the same core gameplay can become boring overtime and not as enjoyable as it used to be.

3 – The guilt that you have from playing video games

Video games are an excellent way of having fun and enjoying your free time. However if video games are taking too much of your time, then you might feel guilty for wasting so much time instead of being more productive.

This feeling of guilt is definitely going to ruin the enjoyment and the fun that you have while playing video games.

So, how to deal with all this?

What to do if you aren’t enjoying video games anymore?

1 – Take a break

If you’re truly not enjoying playing video games at the moment, then what’s the point of playing these games? Just stop playing video games for a while.

Take your time to re-establish your connection with video games.

Again, this does not only apply for video games, but it also applies for almost every other part of your life.

If you’re not interested in doing something anymore, then stop doing it for a period of time and see what happens.

Let’s say that you decided to take a break from playing video games, one possible outcome could be that you will miss it and get back to it later with more enjoyment and fun. 

Another outcome would be that you find other things that interest you in life and abandon video games, which is not a bad thing as long as you restore your happiness and enjoy your life.

So take your break and see what happens.

2 – Change the games genre that you play

You will be surprised by how much fun other game genres can be. All you need to do is try them out. For example, if you’re bored of open world games, then try shorter games that aren’t extremely repetitive and can be beaten in a few hours.

One thing you might enjoy is the indie gaming industry. Indie games have no restrictions on what they can do because they are usually built by a group of individuals who aren’t answering for anyone but their imagination.

Games built by the huge gaming studios may become repetitive because they sometimes don’t risk trying new things in their games.

These giant game development studios can’t afford any mistakes so they usually go for the type of games that have proven to generate money and they don’t risk going for a completely new and unique video game concept.

Indie games however can do that, they can create new game mechanics, concepts and so on. They usually don’t care about generating millions of dollars as much as they care about bringing their imagination into reality and hoping that people will love the game.

Real life videogames is another gaming genre that you can check. These types of video games are becoming more and more popular these days due to the great improvement in the game development technologies.

If you are not sure what video game you want to try next, then I have written a full guide that can help you pick your next game to play here.

3 – Play with friends and family

If you’re not enjoying solo video games anymore, then why don’t you pick video games that you can play with your friends?

There are many games that allow you to play in a co-op mode. This means that you can play the game with your friends and try to beat the levels together.

These types of games can be much more enjoyable because they give you the sense of cooperation and responsibility.

If you play with your friends, then you will need to make sure that you do play very well, which will be more challenging. This brings so much more depth to the games that you are playing and can make you feel much more excited about the game.

Also, playing with your friends can give you a chance to connect with other people and abandon your lonely long hours of playing a solo video game.

So to summarize things and wrap up.

It’s completely normal if you lose interest in video games and there are many reasons that can cause this loss of interest. What you can do in this case is either take a break from playing video games, or try new game genres, or play with your friends instead of playing alone.

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