Blog ideas for teens | 4 Awesome ideas

Blog ideas for teens

Blogging has been an entrepreneurship path for so many young people. If you want to become one of these young entrepreneurs, there are many blog ideas for teens that you can use to achieve it. So if you’re looking for blog ideas for teens to start your blog immediately, but have no clue what to … Read more

The seven deadly sins of blogging

seven deadly sins of blogging

If you’re planning on starting a blog (or you already have one), there are some mistakes that you should learn to avoid. You can find plenty of articles that talk about the technical mistakes that may affect your results. However, this one is different. It’s about you. Your mentality can affect your results as much … Read more

We write articles everyday, should you?

write articles everyday

We are a team of 2 members, and we have been writing an article each day on this blog and will continue to do so for a long time. 70 days, 70 articles. Should you write articles everyday too? Yes you should and here’s why: 1 – You will learn new things almost every day … Read more

Voice typing, An awesome tool for writers

Voice Typing Google

Almost everyone will have to write something on their computer at some point in his/her life. It could be an assignment, a blog post, a research paper, a book or anything else. One thing we can agree on is that writing will require a lot of your time,  especially  if you are not  fast enough … Read more