Do appearances affect job opportunities?

Do appearances affect job opportunities?

Appearances in today’s societies have a fundamental effect on the way people are treated. Back in the old days when people hunted animals for survival, people’s appearances didn’t have a big impact on their position in society, but today it does. Your appearance can be a key player in so many different parts of your … Read more

What causes overconfidence? And is it a problem?

What causes overconfidence

You’ve definitely seen a lot of people who are overconfident over things that you know are wrong and won’t lead them anywhere. What causes overconfidence? What’s the problem here? To put it in simple words, what causes overconfidence is almost always the lack of knowledge in some matters of life. The more ignorant a person … Read more

I hate Mondays | What should I do?

I hate Mondays

I hate Mondays, is a statement that millions of employees around the world keep repeating constantly. Mondays are widely viewed as the day where the suffering starts. You start your work week on Monday and you just wish that Friday arrives in no time. This is a huge problem that needs to be fixed. Why … Read more

The Internet’s impact on businesses: a blessing or a curse?

The internet's impact on businesses

Nowadays, we live in a world where everything is connected. The Internet disrupted our entire lifestyles and changed so many things around us. One of the major impacts of the Internet was on businesses. Many huge companies became even bigger, and a lot of companies that chose to stick with the traditional ways went out … Read more

You have just won a million dollars, what’s next?

million dollars

A million dollars is a lot of money if you’re not financially stable, it can change your life significantly for the better. Best part is that you won’t be worrying about how to survive for the next few years anymore. You’ll have enough money to buy your dream car or a better house. You’ll be … Read more