Does Mouse Sensitivity Change With Screen Size?

Does Mouse Sensitivity Change With Screen Size

We constantly keep updating our monitors or our computer mouse every now and then. When you change your monitor or your mouse, you might notice that the cursor sensitivity has changed. A change in the mouse sensitivity can be infuriating especially if you are a gamer. Gamers are used to a specific sensitivity in games … Read more

Can’t enjoy video games anymore | What happened?

Can't enjoy video games anymore

Video games have always been a great source of enjoyment and fun for many people. However, there comes a point where some of these people feel that they can’t enjoy video games anymore. At least not the way that they used to enjoy them before. What’s the problem here? There are many reasons why you … Read more

4 methods to know if a game is worth buying

methods to know if a game is worth buying

Video games can be one of the greatest sources of entertainment whenever you feel bored or have some free time. However, to make sure that your experience is not ruined, you need to pick the right games for yourself. How to know if a game is worth buying? To know if a game is worth … Read more

Do you really need a numpad? The ultimate guide

Do you really need a numpad

Number pads or numpads are being heavily discarded from many of the new Laptops nowadays. But they were a go to years ago. So, do you really need a numpad? Or is it just a useless piece of hardware that needs to disappear? Here’s your answer: It Depends. Most of the time, you will never … Read more

Why aren’t graphics getting better?

Why aren't graphics getting better

If you are a gamer, you may have noticed that the graphics in the new games aren’t improving a lot compared to the prev games, and you may ask, why aren’t graphics getting better? However If you have no Idea about game development, and you have just checked some of the AAA Games released in … Read more

Voodoo, the Hyper Casual Games Company


Voodoo is a company founded a few years ago and is today one of the few companies that are dominating the hyper casual games market. There is a huge chance that you’ve played one of their games. Helix Jump, Rolly vortex,, ball blast (my favorite) and much more are all published by Voodoo. They … Read more

5 nights at Freddy’s. A Scary Game

5 nights at Freddy's

Video games have been a big deal for a long time. As the graphics are getting more and more realistic, it feels like the video games are becoming more like movies while you’re in control of the main character yourself.  5 nights at Freddy’s is one of those survival horror games where you feel like … Read more

What are hyper casual games

hyper casual games

The gaming industry today is one of the biggest existing industries. In 2019, the revenue generated by gaming companies was HUGE. There are different types of games and different types of devices to run these games. We’ll be focusing on Mobile games, especially Hyper Casual games. So what are they? Hyper casual games are very … Read more

A look into the game development world


Desktop and mobile games have been integrated into our lives for many years. They have been an essential part of many people’s daily routines. What do game development companies need in order to build a game? Here are some of what they need: A Game Engine A Modelling software for 3D games Image Manipulation Software programs … Read more