Digital vs Paper Calendars and Planners

Digital vs paper calendars and planners

Calendars and Planners are tools that can make our life much easier. They help you manage and organize your time and make the most out of it. With the rise of technology and the digital world, a replacement for the paper calendars and planners was born. The question becomes, which one should you use, the … Read more

The ultimate guide on how to think before you speak

How to think before you speak

Speaking is one of the most common forms of expression humans use in their daily life. Your words represent you, and using the right words in your daily conversations is a great talent to master. Using the right words every time however requires that you learn to think before you speak. It’s fairly simple to … Read more

Why is Skateboarding so fun | 4 reasons

why is skateboarding so fun

Sports in general are always a great way to pass time and to stay healthy, and Skateboarding is one of them. I’ll be talking about Skateboarding in this article. Specifically about why is Skateboarding so fun. Skateboarding is so much fun because of the freedom that you get when you are roaming around with no … Read more

Why do people dye their hair | 4 reasons

Why do people dye their hair

Dying human hair has been around since a long time now, and it’s getting more common everywhere. But why do people dye their hair instead of sticking to their original looks? There are many reasons why people would want to dye their hair different colors. It could be that they need a change in themselves … Read more

You should ALWAYS talk to yourself

you should always talk to yourself

Talking has always been the number one direct conversation with people in general. But what if you decide to use it with yourself? Here’s a little secret for you: you should always talk to yourself. Why should you talk to yourself? Talking to yourself relieves your stress, expresses your emotions in a priceless way, keeps … Read more

Why do we need music? 5 irrefutable reasons

why do we need music

I’ve been told countless times that I need music to relax whenever I feel depressed, and it usually works most of the time. If you’re asking yourself, why do we need music? or in other words, how can it really help? Here’s your answer. Music can help you in many different ways and on all … Read more

I hate school, what should I do?

I hate school

There is a question that has been asked by almost every student all over the world at some point in their school journey. I hate school, what should I do? No matter how much you loved school, at some point during your time at school, you had at least wished that you didn’t have to … Read more

9 harmful things being taught to children

Harmful things being taught to children

Raising a child is one of the most challenging tasks for a human being. The way you raise a child can define his/her entire future. What we learn in early childhood are the things that have the most impact on us and usually stay with us forever. However, there are some harmful things being taught … Read more

Where does greed come from?

Where does greed come from

Since the dawn of history, greed has been one of the main causes of so many catastrophic events that have affected many people from all eras. There are many questions about greed in general that have been hunting so many humans for years. Mainly, where does greed come from? So, Where does greed come from? … Read more