Can critical thinking be taught?

Can critical thinking be taught?

Critical thinking is an essential skill if you want to go big in life. If you want to be an entrepreneur, work at a huge company, start your own business or write your own research papers, you’ll need critical thinking skills. Can critical thinking be taught? Yes it can. If you have a growth mindset, … Read more

Do you have to do Presentations in University?

Do you have to do presentations in university?

Are you a university student? If you are, then you might probably be worried about having to do presentations in front of your friends and classmates. You might fear that you’ll mess everything up. Do you really have to do presentations in university though? Yes you have to. Doing a presentation in front of your … Read more

Are balance bikes safe for children?

Are balance bikes safe?

So you want to teach your child how to ride a bicycle and you’re considering a Balance Bike. However, a question that can be haunting you is whether or not balance bikes are safe. Balance bikes are safe most of the time. They are designed to be safe and they are meant to be used … Read more

Are Sky Lanterns Safe?

are sky lanterns safe?

Watching a sky lantern rise up can be one of the most satisfying ways to spend your time with a loved one or with your friends. The beauty of watching fire rising up in the sky is just breathtaking. However unfortunately sky lanterns may not be safe all the time. Sky lanterns are not safe. … Read more

Are Groundhogs Aggressive? Can you Pet them?

Are Groundhogs Aggressive?

Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are those cute animals that you find in your backyard, garden or farm. They are the size of a cat or slightly bigger. The question is, are they aggressive? Groundhogs or woodchucks can be very aggressive and they can sometimes be dangerous. They consider humans to be a threat and … Read more

Should Rainforests Destruction be punished?

Should Rainforests Destruction be punished

Many environment experts and activists like to define the rainforests as the source of diversity on Earth. Such a definition makes much sense because rainforests are home for hundreds of thousands of unique living organisms on Earth. These rainforests are in danger of disappearing completely however. The heavy deforestation that’s happening these days is putting … Read more

Reasons why Touchless Car Washes are better

Touchless Car Washes are better

You will most probably own at least one car at some point during your life, and like everything else, there is a lot to be done when it comes to maintaining your car.  Washing your car is one of the maintenance measures that you need for your vehicle. With that said, it’s good to know … Read more

Are Garbage Bags Recyclable?

Are Garbage Bags Recyclable?

From the first day a person is born till the day they die, they will be producing trash almost every single day in their life. According to EPA, 4.51 pounds of municipal solid waste(MSW) was produced by a single person each day on average in the year 2018 in the USA. 4.51 pounds of wastes … Read more

Do Brick Houses Burn?

Do brick houses burn?

With our excessive dependency on flammable materials in our houses these days, and the serious climate change issues on Earth, there is always a chance that our houses may get on fire. There are flammable things inside almost every room in our houses, and we tend to use fire a lot for so many reasons. … Read more