Why is it Important to have a Growth Mindset?

have a Growth Mindset

From the moment that we are born, we start having our own goals, dreams, ambitions and we work on achieving them. Some people succeed and do what they want to do, and others don’t. The question becomes, what distinguishes the people who could make it from the people who couldn’t? There are many factors that … Read more

Should I Go Skydiving?

Should I go skydiving?

Skydiving is one of these extreme sports that you wish you could try but you’re too afraid to even consider going for it sometime very soon. You’ll be jumping out of an airplane, and being afraid of heights will make things even worse for you. But if you have skydiving on your bucket list, and … Read more

Have a brilliant idea? Ignore negative people


There are crazy amounts of brilliant ideas that have never seen light because of the number of stones that have been casted at them. Make sure your idea isn’t one of them. Do not allow the things that negative people say about your idea demotivate you or let you down.  Constructive Criticism VS Pure Criticism … Read more

Face the pain, understand it, lean into it!

face your pain

When you decide to start working out, one quote that you’ll probably hear a lot is “No pain, no gain“. It encourages you to face the pain that comes from your workout because you’ll gain more strength once it’s over. Your first day of exercise will be painful. But if you keep exercising, well… it just … Read more

The effects of exponential growth

Exponential growth

Most of us already know that success isn’t something we can achieve overnight. As we mentioned before in one of our articles, you should always adopt a long-term mindset. Seeing the bigger picture and prioritizing long term growth is much more beneficial than the short-term rewards. Sometimes our long-term growth could be exponential, and that’s … Read more

Your first step on the road to success

How many times have you had a great idea with amazing potential but ended up not pursuing it? What about the times when you found out that someone else implemented this idea and it turned out to be successful? At that moment, you feel as if someone stole a huge opportunity from you. But don’t … Read more