Are billionaires happy?

Are billionaires happy?

Money has been the ultimate goal for the majority of people on Earth. Success is usually defined by how much money a person has made. Even if you don’t agree with such a definition, it exists. Many people consider having enough money to be the ultimate success. Now why do people think that money is … Read more

Do appearances affect job opportunities?

Do appearances affect job opportunities?

Appearances in today’s societies have a fundamental effect on the way people are treated. Back in the old days when people hunted animals for survival, people’s appearances didn’t have a big impact on their position in society, but today it does. Your appearance can be a key player in so many different parts of your … Read more

Why do people dye their hair | 4 reasons

Why do people dye their hair

Dying human hair has been around since a long time now, and it’s getting more common everywhere. But why do people dye their hair instead of sticking to their original looks? There are many reasons why people would want to dye their hair different colors. It could be that they need a change in themselves … Read more

watching Markiplier play games | how cool is it?

watching Markiplier play games

Video games are all over the internet. People aren’t only playing games, they are watching other people playing games too. For example, watching Markiplier play games is like watching a TV show nowadays. Some people, including me, only watch other people playing video games without playing the games themselves. So what’s so appealing about watching … Read more

Tom Cruise, The Actor and the Stunt Man

Tom cruise

Acting has always required hard work and a wide range of talents that fit different roles throughout an actor’s career. There are a lot of extremely talented actors who portray their characters in the most realistic way possible. Tom Cruise is a perfect example. Tom always took things to the next level. He puts his … Read more

Keanu Reeves: the nicest guy in Hollywood

Keanu reeves

Keanu Reeves isn’t a typical and ordinary celebrity. As a matter of fact, he’s far from it! Even though the man is a famous actor all around the world, he’s very humble, kind and down to earth. Some of his famous movies include “The Matrix“, “John Wick” and many others. He’s even a legend around … Read more

Joe Read (See-Through), an extra ordinary artist


Art has been around us everywhere since the dawn of history, and will always be. Art takes different forms and disguises, however, what has been common in art all over the years is its ability to provoke thought and express a mixture of feelings and emotions to its viewers or listeners.  With the rise of … Read more

Richard Feynman: The Great Explainer

Richard feynman

You probably hear a lot about the genius scientists like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton. But have you ever heard about Richard Feynman before? What makes him special is that he’s not only a brilliant mind, he’s also a great teacher. He became known as the great explainer because he was famous for his ability … Read more

Lionel Messi, The Football Phenomenon

Lionel Messi

Note if you’re American: When we use the word Football in this article, we are referring to soccer (soccer is called football in most countries around the world). If you know what football is, you know who Messi is. Messi is arguably the best football player of this era (Some say it’s Cristiano Ronaldo, but … Read more