Are pathological liars dangerous?

Are pathological liars dangerous?

Our language is one of the most important forms of communication with each other. The power of words that come out of our mouths is enormous. Some people decide to abuse such a power by manipulating reality and telling lies Pathological liars are one of those people who abuse their ability to communicate with people … Read more

Does regret last forever? It can

Does regret last forever

Regret is a feeling that every single one of us will have to face at some point of their life. Since regret isn’t a very pleasant feeling, one might wonder whether it will last forever or not. Regret lasts as long as you want it to last. If you’re constantly recalling actions that you regret … Read more

Humans are social animals and that is a great gift

Humans are social animals

Life on earth as we know it is full of variety. There are millions of species each having its unique characteristics and behaviors. Variety exists among individual species too. Human beings for example have different traits, colors, actions, thoughts, behaviors, etc… However, one thing that is common among most of us is that Humans are … Read more