Quora, the Q&A Social Giant. Should you use it?

Quora Logo

Ever heard of Quora? You sure did.  Have you used it? Maybe not.  Should you use it? Definitely yes. If you are not a Quora user, then you have at least seen it rank first on many of your google search results. You also might have noticed that a lot of the answers on quora … Read more

Facebook is shutting down. What’s next?

Facebook is shutting down

You wake up one day, prepare your cup of coffee and sit down to enjoy your morning in peace. As soon as you open your phone, you see a notification from Facebook: “We’re sorry to let you down! Our journey together has been fruitful, but now it’s time to go”. WHAT? Facebook is shutting down? … Read more

The Rise of the Facebook Empire


There is no chance that you haven’t heard of Facebook before at least once. It is the social media giant platform. It has around 2.5 Billion monthly active users which makes it the biggest social platform in our time. The platform is growing day after day. Here’s how it all started. How it all started … Read more

What is Pinterest?

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If you have ever made a google search looking for a photo of something, then there is a huge chance that pinterest has appeared on your list of search results. You might also find it very annoying that when you visit their website to check the images you searched for, they’ll force you to sign-up, … Read more

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet

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The Internet has definitely become heavily integrated in the lives of many people. We all use the Internet for all sorts of things. One of these usages is absorbing information from all kinds of sources. It’s wonderful how you are always a few clicks away from finding the information that you are looking for and … Read more