Are wheel spacers safe?

Are wheel spacers safe?

Your car might be one of the most essential assets in your life. With that said, you want to make sure that your car is safe every time it hits the road. Cars are also expensive, so any problems in your car can cost you a fortune. With that said, you need to make sure … Read more

Does Mouse Sensitivity Change With Screen Size?

Does Mouse Sensitivity Change With Screen Size

We constantly keep updating our monitors or our computer mouse every now and then. When you change your monitor or your mouse, you might notice that the cursor sensitivity has changed. A change in the mouse sensitivity can be infuriating especially if you are a gamer. Gamers are used to a specific sensitivity in games … Read more

how does speech recognition work?

how does speech recognition work

Technology never ceases to amaze us these days. More and more services and products are being pushed to the market every year. One of the most fascinating products of technology is speech recognition. Ever wondered how it works? The following article is directed towards the non tech-savvy people. In very simple words, how does speech … Read more

Can Computers Replace Teachers?

Can Computers Replace Teachers

With the rise of technology and its applications comes the risk of putting people out of their jobs. Millions of workers around the world have been replaced by computers, will computers replace teachers too? Computers will not replace teachers in the short term. Replacing teachers will require computers to be able to generate perfect academic … Read more

Do Security Cameras Need Internet? The Ultimate Guide

Do Security Cameras Need Internet

House security is a huge concern for many people. The moment you step outside of your house is the moment when you start worrying about any possible robbery. While the traditional house security measures can be good for home protection, installing CCTV security cameras around your home can add an extra layer of security for … Read more

Why aren’t graphics getting better?

Why aren't graphics getting better

If you are a gamer, you may have noticed that the graphics in the new games aren’t improving a lot compared to the prev games, and you may ask, why aren’t graphics getting better? However If you have no Idea about game development, and you have just checked some of the AAA Games released in … Read more

Is a computer science degree worth it?

Is a computer science degree worth it

If you’re into the coding world, and you’re considering computer science as a major. Then there will come a time when you ask yourself: is a computer science degree worth it? Here’s your quick answer: No, it’s not. I am a computer science graduate with a GPA of 3.5, and I can safely tell you … Read more

Turning into Post-Humans: Would you choose immortality?

turning into post-humans

Do you want to live forever? And if you were ever offered the chance to do so, would you take it? These questions that were once intended only for contemplation are not some sort of pure imagination anymore. They became topics that scientists, sociologists, philosophers and people from many other fields debate about as we … Read more

Techno-social engineering: turning humans into machines

Techno-social engineering

To click, or not to click, has this ever been a question? When we surf the Internet and see an “I agree” button, how many of us actually think before clicking it? In their book Re-engineering Humanity, Frischmann and Selinger mention this example as one of the many aspects of what they call techno-social engineering. … Read more

Should you replace Whatsapp with Telegram?


Yes you should. Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Telegram and the rest of the messaging apps are now all over the world. These apps are truly helpful when it comes to connecting with your friends and family all the time. Whatsapp is currently the biggest messaging app today as it has reached 2 Billion users recently. However, … Read more