Do Brick Houses Burn?

With our excessive dependency on flammable materials in our houses these days, and the serious climate change issues on Earth, there is always a chance that our houses may get on fire.

There are flammable things inside almost every room in our houses, and we tend to use fire a lot for so many reasons. The last thing you want happening is your house burning down due to a spreading fire.

The choice of the material that is used to build your house can play a huge factor in whether or not fire will be a problem for you.

So let’s say that your house is made of brick, does it burn? Well, it actually depends on many factors including the strength of the fire and it’s temperature, the materials used to make your brick house and so on. But usually, brick houses can be safe from extreme fire damage. 

In other words…

Bricks in general are very hard to burn

If you search online, you’ll find out that many sources claim that the average house fire temperature is somewhere between 1000 and 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bricks can handle that amount of temperature most of the time, so burning down a house made out of brick isn’t going to be very easy.

The amount of fire and temperature needed to decompose the bricks used in some houses is high enough for you not to worry about your brick house breaking down if it was caught on fire.


Your house will still be in a great danger when caught on fire

Even though you may have a brick house, your house is still in great danger if it catches fire. But why?

The answer is fairly simple, NOT everything in your house is made out of brick.

There are many other materials used to build a brick house. Not all of these materials can handle fire the same way bricks do.

This means that even though your house bricks might be a little bit safe from fire, the other materials that are holding those bricks together may not be strong enough and your house may collapse from fire.

So, if you’re worried about fire a lot, make sure that you not only pick a brick house to live in, but also make sure that it’s not vulnerable to being burnt down because of some weak materials used when building the house.

There is a well known saying that goes like this: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

No matter how strong all the links in a chain are, if only one single link isn’t strong enough, then that link will break the chain.

Same scenario applies to your brick house. Even though you have bricks built in your house, there are still other weaker links that may not stand a chance against a strong fire, so be careful about that.

Can a house be fully protective against fire?

Don’t worry, you can have a house that is capable of surviving strong fire.

Take the brick fire chimney for example. It’s a chimney made out of bricks that can handle extremely high temperatures.

If a chimney can handle fire, it means that your house can handle fire too if it uses the proper materials.

Brick houses can definitely be strong against fire. In fact, whenever a wild fire occur in some place around the world, usually most of the surviving houses are ones that are built with brick.

Should you have a brick house?

There are some people who choose not to live in brick houses for some reason. However, given the huge climate change problem that is happening around the world, fire is easier to form and expand than ever.

A brick house can really be more protective than other houses. There is no way you haven’t heard about the Australian fires that started in 2019 and expanded rapidly in 2020.

The damages were enormous, and a lot of houses were destroyed. The US has also faced similar problems. Houses were burning down due to the high fire temperatures.

So it would really be a good idea if you choose a strong brick house in such times. Especially that it’s 2020, and who knows what could happen next right?

Here’s a summary of what you have read.

Brick houses are a great choice against fire as they can handle high temperatures really well. However, you need to be careful about the other material that constitutes your house and whether it can handle strong fire or not, else the brick won’t protect you.