Don’t believe everything you see on the internet

The Internet has definitely become heavily integrated in the lives of many people. We all use the Internet for all sorts of things. One of these usages is absorbing information from all kinds of sources. It’s wonderful how you are always a few clicks away from finding the information that you are looking for and also finding information that you aren’t looking for too. However, this comes with an enormous risk if people aren’t always skeptical about what they read on the internet.

The following are few reasons of why you should never trust what you find on the internet without giving it a thought first:

1- You don’t know about the writer and his/her credibility most of the times.

When you are fed with information in your offline life, you know the person who is feeding you the information most of the time. It might be your professor, your parents, your friends etc. This acts as a great contributing factor to decide whether or not the information you have just received is accurate. However, this is not always the case online.  You read posts on social platforms, but know little about the authors. Reddit can be an example here. It is a wonderful social platform, however, most of the time you never know anything about the person giving you the information. You also read tons of articles online, but you barely know anything about the authors. This makes it hard to figure out whether the things you read on the internet are true or not.

2- Things you see on the internet are intended to generate money most of the times

One of the great questions that you might ask when provided with a piece of information by someone is: why did s/he deliver this information to me? The answer might affect the way you judge what is told to you. For example, if the person is providing you with information so that you learn and nourish your knowledge, it means that the information given by her/him can be more trusted than the info given by someone who is trying to advertise their brand and generate money. On the internet, you’ll see a lot of people advertising their businesses. Their intention usually is to make you trust them. This urges the need to be extremely careful about whether to trust what they say or not.

Final words

If the information that you see on the internet is from people that you don’t know or is from people who are trying to advertise themselves or both, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be trusted at all. What it means is that you should be much more careful when reading or hearing what they have to say.

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