Esoteric Science: a path to self exploration

When I was in the sixth grade, one of my teachers introduced me to a science that changed my life and the way I saw things. She used to teach us Arabic literature. Even though I didn’t like that subject, she had a way of teaching it that made it very interesting. One time, she gave us a text that talks about “The science of the inner self”, with questions to analyse the text from a literature point of view. However, the content of the text fascinated me. She explained to us what esoteric science was, which made me more curious about it. Since then, this science became the resource I go to when I seek satisfying answers to all sorts of questions.

What is Esoteric Science?

The word “esoteric” is from Greek origins. It means “the quality of having an inner or secret meaning” according to Britannica. It’s also used to describe things intended for or understood by only a few people who have special knowledge. That’s why some people refer to esoteric science as the “science of the elite”. 

The origin of this science goes back to the very beginning of human existence. It tackles all the aspects of the human being not only in a theoretical way, but through practical applications. Even though many of the teachings of esoteric science focus on the hidden and invisible constituents of the human being, the learner has to apply these teachings in his everyday life in order to better understand them. The esoteric method is a practical and applicable way of life. The more we apply the esoteric teachings, the more our consciousness unfolds and expands.

Why didn’t you hear about it before?

In the past, esoteric science was limited to a very few portion of people. Only the true disciples whose goal was humane perfectness were allowed to learn the secret teachings of this science. Gradually, the esoteric science started spreading to all parts of the world but in disguised forms. Divine and spiritual teachings, physiognomy, telepathy and mysterious mental powers, architecture, astronomy, astrology, etc… were all masks hiding the true face of esoteric science.

Now that we’re entering a new age of enlightenment called the Aquarian Age, the time has come for this science to reach a broader audience. It’s time for humans to learn their inner mysteries and get ready for this new age.  

What’s the goal of esoteric science?

Some of the most important teachings of esoteric science aim to enhance our thinking abilities and build a loving personality. As we mentioned before, the esoteric method is a practical one, so merely learning the concepts this science has to offer won’t help. Learning esoteric science means acknowledging your negative traits and working hard to overcome them and replace them with positive qualities. It means walking on the path of “Love, Consciousness and Application” because through them we understand our truth.

The ultimate goal of this science is to guide humans on the path of inner self-knowledge so that they achieve the consciousness of the True Self within.

If you’d like to know more about this science, I recommend checking the website of the Society of Friends of the White Knowledge. You’ll find there many interesting resources and publications that will help you understand more about esoteric science.

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