A look into the game development world

Desktop and mobile games have been integrated into our lives for many years. They have been an essential part of many people’s daily routines. What do game development companies need in order to build a game? Here are some of what they need:

  • A Game Engine
  • A Modelling software for 3D games
  • Image Manipulation Software programs for 2D games and 3D games
  • Others

What are Game Engines?

Game engines are software programs that make the game developers’ lives easier. They handle the core game development requirements and offer a golden set of tools for developers like physics, animations, particle effects and the list is endless. Almost all Game development companies use Game engines. Some companies build their own game engines, others use some of the most famous game engines in the market like Unity, Unreal engine, Cocos and others.

Is there a reason not to use a game engine?

No of course. Not using a game engine means that you are re-inventing the wheels.

What is the use of modelling software programs in game development?

For games to be something interesting, they need Characters, environments, and all other sorts of Models. These models are built using Modelling software programs like Blender, Maya and others.

What is a model?

A model is a 3D object that can be animated or static. Buildings, guns, people, lands, trees, and monsters are all examples of models that are usually built using modeling software programs and then imported to game engines to be used in a game. These are usually used in 3D games.

Image Manipulation Software programs are also an essential part in the game development process. 2D games need what is called sprites. Sprites are the equivalent of models but for the 2D world. These sprites are built with image manipulation programs.

Image manipulation programs are needed for 3D games too. 3D games need menus and other UI requirements that are usually 2D.

There are of course a lot of other software programs used by companies to build games. Some of these software programs are to make music for the game, create videos inside games and for game promotion. However, I’ll keep these for a next time.

Connecting the Dots …

Once models, sprites, music files, videos, animations and other files are ready, game developers import these files to the game engine and use their programming skills to make something beautiful (or ugly) out of them and that is usually how a game is born.