Greatest illusions in Video Games

Video game development has been improving each and everyday with new methods and technologies arising. Some video games today are extremely realistic to the point that they are truly indistinguishable from reality. However, there are always some behind the scenes illusions going on when building a game, and we’ll list some of these illusions here.

1 – The world created in a video game isn’t truly infinite

Games like Subway surfers, temple run and other runner video games make you believe that the world in the game is endless and you just keep running and running. However, the reality is that these games are just a bunch of the same models being used repeatedly.

In fact, the world is being created while you’re playing the game. So let’s say that in one of those runner games, you went from point A to point B, what happens is that point A is used again and placed somewhere in the front to make the illusion that the game is infinite while in fact it’s just the same models being replaced in front of you again once you pass them.

2 – You see what the developers want you to see in a video game

I’ll show you 2 images from one of the video games that I built. One is what you see as a player, two is what it really is:

This is what you see:

This is what it is in reality:

As a gamer, you think that you’re in a huge world while in reality, you’re in a super small world inside an infinite void.

3 – You might not be moving at all in some runner games

Back to runner games. In some of the runner games (games where you run forward to reach the finish line or to get a score), you might think that you’re running forward while in reality the world itself is moving towards you and you’re standing still at your position. Why do some developers do that? Because it makes some things easier during the development of the game.

Which of these illusions you think is awesome? Let us know !!!