Have a brilliant idea? Ignore negative people

There are crazy amounts of brilliant ideas that have never seen light because of the number of stones that have been casted at them. Make sure your idea isn’t one of them. Do not allow the things that negative people say about your idea demotivate you or let you down. 

Constructive Criticism VS Pure Criticism

Every idea needs validation. In order not to be wasting your time working on things that might never work, you’ll have to validate your idea by seeking constructive criticism. Ask the people that you trust for their objective opinion about your plans. 

You’ll need to be very careful when you do so however. Why? Because you’ll need to distinguish whether their opinion was constructive or was to just let you down.

Usually, people who are truly seeking to help you will let you know the reasons behind their claims about your idea very clearly, they try to pinpoint the weaknesses in your idea and maybe suggest some improvements.

When pointing out weaknesses in your idea, they provide valid reasons behind their claims, reasons that you might have missed. This is the kind of people that you regularly want to seek attention from.

Deciding whether to drop your idea and seek another one, improve your idea or proceed with it as is should only depend on the CONSTRUCTIVE criticism by others.

If for some reason you believe that people are trashing your idea without giving any reasonable arguments, then you should immediately trash their opinions in return. Why? Read the next set of examples to know why.

Examples of brilliant ideas that have made it no matter the odds.

Elon Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX companies.

Elon put all his fortune in building a space rockets company and an electric cars company. The amount of stones casted on Elon’s brilliant ideas were enormous. 

Some of the biggest news stations attacked Elon Musk, mocked his company Tesla making fun of it. Guess what happened next? Tesla dominated the cars market and today every other car company will have to go electric in order not to be left behind.

Had Elon Musk listened to the negative opinions the whole world was throwing at him, electric cars wouldn’t have been the future of the cars industry.

As for spaceX, all you need to do is watch this small clip and judge by yourself

Again, had Elon musk given up his idea, SpaceX wouldn’t have been one of the most successful and respected companies in the whole world.

A simpler example would be something that my uncle told me once.

A neighbour of my uncle in Germany decided to start a youtube channel. My uncle told me that a lot of people laughed at her videos and mocked them. She didn’t quit and today all those who mocked her are hoping they too have started a youtube channel. 

Her channel took off and she started getting gifts from huge companies just so that she includes their products in her videos (cars, phones…) She made a lot of money from a youtube channel that people used to mock. If she had given up, her life might not have been changed to the better.

One last example would be the story of Allie Sherlock

Allie is such a wonderful young singer. She once decided that she wanted to go to the streets and sing to the people passing by. She did it under the supervision of her dad. However, she was bullied a lot at her school because of what she was doing to the point that she had to leave school. 

Allie left school and pursued what she believed to be the right thing for herself. She kept singing in the streets until her talent was noticed by people. Today, Allie is followed by millions of people on her social accounts (She has 2.67 Million subscribers on youtube at the time of this writing).

She has been a guest in huge talk shows like The Ellen DeGeneres show, and she is now on her way to becoming a singer recognized by the whole world. Her voice is amazing, she refused to let negative people silence her voice and she made it.

Final words
I’ll end this article with a quote by a Legend. “You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you. True power is sitting back and observing things with magic. True power is restraint. If words control you that means everyone else can control you. Breathe and allow things to pass.” – Warren Buffett.