Have a crush on someone? Tell them

We all encounter moments in our lives where we are required to make tough decisions. There are always great methods that can help you deal with making wise decisions. However in some situations, the best thing to do is to just trust your instincts, make a decision without even thinking or hesitating, and then hope for the best. Admitting to someone that you have a crush on them is one of these situations where you have to just trust your instincts.

SO, should you confront your crush or not?

Yes you should. If you ask me why, I’d ask you why not? What could possibly go wrong? Here is what happens if you don’t confront your feelings:

1- You’ll keep overthinking even the simplest events that involve your crush

There is a huge chance that you overthink every direct and indirect encounter with your crush. That involves playing endless scenarios in your head of what you should have done or said instead of what you actually did or said. This may not turn out well for you in the long run because overthinking things is a huge distraction from the current tasks at hand. This means your productivity at whatever you’re doing will drop drastically. Not to mention the negative emotional effects that overthinking has on your mental health.

2- You might miss the chance because of your fear

If your crush also happens to share the same feelings towards you, then GREAT!!! However, that might not last as long as you might hope. If you keep hesitating and waiting for too long to dare confronting your fears, you might end up losing your chance. As mentioned before, the best thing to do in such a situation is to just take action without a thought. It might only take you a few seconds of courage.

3- You might end up wasting your time

Now we’ll consider the opposite scenario. The one where your crush does not share the same feelings towards you. We’ll consider 2 options and discuss the outcomes. The options are you either tell them, or you don’t. If you choose not to confront your crush, then you will be basically just wasting your time building hopes based on assumptions that are not true. If you do tell them however, you will be hit by the truth. It will hurt for a few days and maybe weeks, but at least you now know that you should move forward. Now which outcome out of the 2 is better? I’d say the one where you are hit by the truth and know that it is time to move forward for sure. Why? Simply because the truth will be revealed sooner or later which means that the only thing that you will be doing by not confronting your crush is wasting your time.

Want to know whether your crush shares the same feelings towards you? ASK THEM, and ask them RIGHT NOW!!!