Why is it Important to have a Growth Mindset?

From the moment that we are born, we start having our own goals, dreams, ambitions and we work on achieving them. Some people succeed and do what they want to do, and others don’t.

The question becomes, what distinguishes the people who could make it from the people who couldn’t? There are many factors that can play a role in defining whether a person is going to be successful or not, and one of these factors is whether or not the person has a growth mindset.

Having a growth mindset can help you succeed. It can help you see the world in a different way. A growth mindset lets you see opportunity in many things and pushes you towards giving your dreams a try.

But first, let’s define what exactly is a growth mindset?

There are two types of people in this world. 

There are those who believe that the initial set of talents and skills a human is born with can be developed and made better with hard work and dedication. These people are the ones that have what is called a growth mindset.

And there are other people who believe that you get what you get when you are born and there is no way to develop new talents and skills in life other than the ones that are born with you.

For example, they believe that you are either born smart or not, you are either born a singer or not, and so on.

Being one of those people who believe that you can always expand your skill set and gain some talent in many different fields in life can be helpful for you.

Here are some ways a growth mindset can help you in life.

A Growth mindset can help you seek opportunities.

If you are a person who believes that they can learn anything if they put in enough hard work, then you’re a person that has a higher chance at grabbing new opportunities in life than others.

A lot of opportunities are given to us in life, and it’s up to us to either take these opportunities or leave them behind.

Most of these opportunities will require skills from you that you don’t currently have. If you think that there isn’t any way that you can acquire the required skills, then you’ll let a lot of opportunities pass by.

However, if you have a growth mindset, it means that you will be ready to acquire any new skill required for any golden opportunity that passes by.

You not only wait for opportunities, but also seek them by yourself. 

For example, If you’re a computer science student, but you found a business opportunity outside of your major, then you might decide to go for it instead of just thinking that you don’t have the needed skills.

A growth mindset can help you to not give up quickly.

If you have a growth mindset, then you already believe that hard work and dedication will pay off.

Such a mentality will help you achieve more things in life.

Let’s say that you want to start a business. According to Forbes, businesses take a long time to be successful.

If you’re a person who believes in a growth mindset, and a person who knows that with hard work you can acquire the skills needed to help your company succeed, then you will have a higher chance of success than others.

It’s hope that keeps us moving forward and not giving up. The hope that one day, your business will make it. A growth mindset can give you that hope you’re looking for.

A growth mindset can help you to expand your skill set.

Having a wide range of skills can make your life much easier. It can help you cope better with any new life obstacles thrown at you.

Take what happened in 2020 because of the global pandemic as an example. Many people were forced to start working from home, and other people lost their jobs.

If you have lost a job because of any reason, not having an alternative set of skills to help you land a new job very quickly or to help you survive can be very scary.

Thus a large set of skills is always helpful, and a growth mindset can help you grow your skill set.

How? If you believe that skills are earned with hard work, then you will be constantly learning a new set of skills to create new opportunities for yourself in life. This way, you’ll be growing your skill set with time and you’ll have a better chance of dealing with new life obstacles in a way that doesn’t affect you negatively.

To summarize

A growth mindset is extremely important in your life for many reasons. It helps you take new golden opportunities, it keeps you motivated and gives you hope and it helps you grow your set of skills in life.