How Game of Thrones should have ended

By now, you have already watched or at least heard of Game of Thrones as it has been one of the most successful shows to ever be created in terms of viewership and rewards.

April 14 2019 was the beginning of the end, not just the end of the episodes, but also the end of the whole show’s reputation. Season 8 of game of thrones which aired its first episode on april 14 2019 was considered by most of the GOT fans the worst ending the show could have taken.

Warning: If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones yet, then do not proceed as this article contains spoilers for the show.

We are true fans of the series and we decided to suggest some alternative choices the writers of season 8 could have made.

1 – The Long Night

  • Why was it so bad?

The whole 7 seasons of game of thrones were building up for the fight between the Dead and the Living. The expectations were extremely high. 

The fight in season 5 between the dead and the wildlings teaming up with Jon Snow was so epic that people were waiting for the best fight scenes ever in season 8 when the armies of the dead and the living collide again.

10 years of waiting for the clash between the living and the dead and then it all ended up with an 82 minutes episode that was somehow boring and made no sense at all. 

At the beginning of the episode, The dothraki army decided to just leave their base which was their only hope and run towards the fog without knowing anything about where their opponents were hiding, how they were lining up, what their strategy was. They basically run to their death with no logical reason at all. Why did the writers decide to do that? Most probably to prove to the people watching how strong the Dead army is. 

That wasn’t the best way to prove how powerful the dead army was. You don’t just wipe out the dothrakis in less than a few seconds to prove a point that is already proven in previous episodes.

The dothrakis were among the most feared armies in the whole series. Daenerys somehow managed to get the dothrakis to be on her side after a lot of hard work and suffering. Instead of being the game changers in the fight against the white walkers, they were all wiped out in a very stupid way.

What about the Night king’s death? The Night King’s death was one of the things that no Game of thrones fan can make sense of till this moment. How did Arya Stark manage to suddenly appear behind the Night king who was surrounded by his army from all sides and then stab him? Did she use a teleport machine?

What were the intentions of the writers when they decided that Arya would suddenly appear behind the night king? Here’s our interpretation: The writers wanted the viewers to conclude that there is no hope in beating the dead army as they show how everyone was surrendering to their inevitable death including Jon Snow, then suddenly surprise the fans in a plot twist that they never expected. However they obviously did it in the worst way possible.

  • Here’s our suggestion of how the Long night should have been

Instead of killing all the dothraki in a nonsense way, the Dothraki should have stayed besides their allies and protected them while executing the fire ring trick. They are fast, strong, fearless, and they act in groups. It would have been much better to see them fight in a defensive position than just jump into the unknown and die in a few seconds.

As for Arya, or no one, the faceless women, why didn’t she take the face of a dead person and then approach the night king to kill him? Wouldn’t that be more logical? A lot of Arya’s screen time was her learning the methods of the faceless man and wanting to gain his power. Was it all for nothing? Using her abilities against the Night king would have made all those scenes of her acquiring her skills count.

2 – The Clash between the mother of dragons and Cersei

After the death of the night king, the race to the throne resumed. Daenerys and her army headed towards King’s Landing to claim it. The clash between Daenerys and Cersei occured in season 8 episode 5 and the whole episode was about how Daenerys is burning down king’s landing all by herself.

King’s landing army was so useless, Daenerys’s army didn’t do much in the fight too. The mother of dragons and her dragon have beaten Cersei and her army by themselves in a very brutal way.

Dany winning King’s Landing is something the fans always hoped for. However, instead of making the fight much more epic, the writers decided to prove how easy it was for Dany to claim king’s landing.

The fight that happened in season 8 episode 5 would have made much more sense if Dany hadn’t fought the Night king yet. Her army was huge, strong and backed up with not one, but two fully grown dragons. However, Dany has already fought the Night king and lost most of her army in the battle. Thus the battle to conquer king’s landing shouldn’t have been easy.

What would we suggest would happen?

If the battle between Cersei and Dany was similar to the battle of the bastards in season 6, it would have been much more exciting. Dany has already lost most of her army in a fight against the dead, yet she marched towards Kings landing. 

They pull up a great fight against Cersei but they are too exhausted and overwhelmed by the losses they have encountered in their previous fight. Things seem to be going the way Cersei wanted but then Dany unleashes her Dragon’s full capability to save the day.

3 – The mother of Dragon’s death.

Killing the main character in a series or a movie is common and it is sometimes done to raise controversy and discussions about the show all over the internet. If they wanted to kill Dany, they should have at least killed her in a much better way. Maybe against the Night king in a scene where she sacrifices her life to kill him, or while fighting for the Throne, but being stabbed by her own lover because of a sudden change in her temper and vision isn’t the best ending. 

Dany lost most of her army, lost her loyal assistant Missandei, and has been tricked and stabbed in the back many times in a very short period of time. If that doesn’t make her lose her mind, then what would? Instead of giving her enough time to revive her friendly state and helping her overcome the state of mind that was forced on her, Jon Snow decides to give up on her by stabbing and killing her.

What would be an alternative ending?

Dany claims her throne. However, instead of announcing herself as the dictator whose power is beyond any measure, she decides to burn down the throne using her dragon, and change the whole ruling system all over the existing lands. She could have created a council consisting of leaders from each land. The council takes decisions by voting. This would prove that her vision from the very beginning was to truly end slavery and give people their freedom and give people a voice. 

With that comes the end of this article, does any of it make sense to you? What would your alternative ending be? Write it down in the comments below.

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