How to get more reddit upvotes – Guaranteed

Reddit is one of the biggest social networks online. There’s nothing better than having your content viewed by thousands of people around the world in a matter of hours. You can do that on reddit.

But how to get more reddit upvotes to achieve that?

If you want to know, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

First ask the following questions:

1 – What content should you post to get more upvotes

2 – Where should you post your content

3 – when is the best time to post your content

What content should you post to get more reddit upvotes?

The number one rule is that you should write content that triggers emotions. What do I mean? Take a look at the following post.

The post is well written to the point that it evokes emotions inside the reader. The post talks about how some guy’s girlfriend got rid of a car that he has been trying to assemble for 1.5 years.

When you read this, you will immediately feel sorry for the guy and angry about what his girlfriend has done to him. You might naturally upvote the post and maybe leave a comment about how he should teach his now ex-girlfriend a lesson.

By the time of this writing, this post has 52.3k upvotes (That’s A LOT). What does this tell you? You need to write titles and content that provokes the redditor’s emotions. Redditors might act immediately if you do so either by upvoting or commenting on your content.

Another example would be what you see on the r/indiegaming subreddit. Usually, posts that provoke emotions get much more upvotes than others. If you see 2 posts with the following titles:

1 – Check out this new cool dragon in my game. Let me know what you think about it

2 – I have been working on this game for over a year now and I’m super excited to get your feedback on this new dragon that I’ve added to the game recently

Which one would you react to? I believe it’s more likely to be the second title. It makes you want to leave feedback because you know how much effort has been put into making the game.

Another type of content that gets a lot of upvotes on reddit is the one that covers fresh events. For example Take these 4 memes that were posted immediately after the SpaceX falcon 9 launch

All of them have an insanely high number of upvotes. They made use of SpaceX’s rocket launch that happened on May 30 this year. These posts might not have performed as good if they were late for the party. 

See how to get more reddit upvotes? You make sure that you give people what they want.

A lot of people go online just to check what other people have to say about a recent event. You’ll need to make sure it’s you who satisfy their needs.

There are tons of examples of posts getting a lot of upvotes just because they’re covering fresh events that are happening around the world at the moment. Make sure you cover some too.

Now comes the second question.

Where should you place your content?

Check this website out. What does it do? It lets you know how to get more reddit upvotes by showing you the most used keywords in a specific subreddit. What does this mean?

This means that you are free to pick any subreddit that you wish, then use this tool to know what’s currently trending on the subreddit. This will help you create content that is currently being consumed well by redditors.

For example, these are the keywords currently used on the politics subreddit.

It would be a good idea to make a post that revolves around one of these topics. These keywords are what the people on the r/politics subreddit interested in at the moment.

Another place to contribute content and gain upvotes on reddit is the comments section. You can collect more upvotes from comments than from regular posts if you know what you’re doing.

How to get more reddit upvotes on your comments?

Sort your feed by rising, then comment on the posts that you like. Always make sure that you drop quality comments though.

Why sort by rising? For the following two reasons”

1 – Rising posts have a high chance of making it to ‘Best’ posts

2 – Rising posts do not usually have a lot of comments

This means that when you write a comment on a rising post, there’s a higher chance that your comment will be seen because there aren’t a lot of comments on the post yet.

If the rising post moves to ‘best posts’, it will get a lot of upvotes and your comment will get upvotes too because you were one of the first few people to comment (assuming that your comment is relevant)

If you comment on new posts, you might be wasting time because many of the posts in ‘new’ do not make it to the best posts.

If you’re commenting on Best posts, there’s a huge chance that your comment will not be seen by anyone as there will already be hundreds of comments on that post.

So in conclusion, commenting on rising posts gives you a higher chance of getting more comments upvotes.

When is the best time to post your content?

We love tools, and so should you. Check out this website. Give this website a subreddit, and it will let you know which time gives you the highest probability of getting more upvotes.

Here’s the best time to post on r/AskReddit

How does this tool work? It simply checks the last X number of posts and analyze what posts are doing well and when were they posted. Then it calculates probabilities and concludes the best time for you to post on the subreddit that you chose.

Extra Tip.

In order for these methods to work, you will need to post original content. If there’s one thing that redditors hate the most, it’s stealing other’s posts and claiming them as your own.

Make sure you avoid that, else you’ll get downvoted a lot.

Here we go, we hope that we answered your question on how to get more reddit upvotes. If you have any other tips, please share them in the comments below.

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