Humans are social animals and that is a great gift

Life on earth as we know it is full of variety. There are millions of species each having its unique characteristics and behaviors. Variety exists among individual species too.

Human beings for example have different traits, colors, actions, thoughts, behaviors, etc… However, one thing that is common among most of us is that Humans are social animals. Here’s why

It’s good to mention that Aristotle claimed that “Man is by nature a social animal”

So humans are social animals, what does it mean?

Being social means that you’ll naturally want to interact more with other people in any possible form. Even indirect interactions might do the job. It’s like a basic need to belong to and be accepted by a social group.

Sometimes, you just want to stay alone, disappear maybe. Maybe go to an island and live there alone for a very long time. You might think that this will eliminate the burden of having to deal with people on a regular basis. However, most of the time you will be wrong.

If you choose to isolate yourself completely from others for a very long period of time, you might be causing yourself more problems than the ones you intended to solve. Your mental health might deteriorate.

A man named Xavier Rosset decided that he wanted to live alone for 300 days completely alone. He and his team wanted to experience how it would be like to live alone for a long time.

How long do you think Xavier could control his mental state? Not so long. After only 8 days, Xavier was having a hard time being completely isolated from others.

Xavier did manage to stay for 300 days on the island. However, he claims that he would never do it again if he had the chance to. His journey was full of loneliness

The lack of interaction with other humans affected Xavier’s mental health. He was depressed, he cried a lot. He had to keep creatures from the island (specifically a pig) as his companions in order to feed his social needs.

When Xavier met some tourists during the 300 days on the island. His excitement was huge. It was like his life was given back to him after spending so much time alone. 

His experience is a great example of how much humans are social animals and how much they need social interactions with other people. Even though we think that we don’t. In fact, our need for social interactions is reflected in our daily actions.

How do some human behavior examples reflect the fact that Humans are social animals?

When we’re sad, we cry. When we’re happy, we laugh. When we’re angry, we scream. Our facial expressions are a reflection of our feelings and emotions. In all these cases, our emotions may be sending out signals through our bodies for others to notice us.

When you’re depressed, you try to talk to a friend about it, or even post about your emotional state online hoping that you might give some feedback.

When you’ve watched something that you truly loved, you try to post about it on your social accounts or you try your best to make your friends and family watch it.

In all of the above scenarios, what you’re doing is that you’re trying your best to communicate your emotions with other people. You want to connect with people, to share your thoughts with them, your feelings, your emotions, your success, your failure and so on.

Humans worry about how they are perceived by others.

Many might not admit that most of their actions are to make sure that they are perceived positively by other people. But sometimes, this is undeniably true.

A lot of people dress the way they’re supposed to dress just so that they protect their image in front of others. They are unconsciously protecting their need for social communication with others. How?

If people hate you, then your interactions with them won’t be pleasant, so you naturally want to make sure they don’t hate you, just to protect your essential social needs.

There are countless other examples of people deciding on their actions based on what people will think about them, but you get the idea.

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