I hate school, what should I do?

There is a question that has been asked by almost every student all over the world at some point in their school journey. I hate school, what should I do?

No matter how much you loved school, at some point during your time at school, you had at least wished that you didn’t have to attend your classes and study for your exams.

I hate school, what should I do?

You’ll need to solve the problem using the method that you use for any other problems that life may throw at you.

First you need to identify the possible causes of the hate that you have towards your school, next you need to tackle these causes one by one.

So, what are some causes of students hating schools?

1 – The responsibilities that come with it (Exams, studying, always attending on time…)

This might be one of the main causes of why you and I hate schools (or hated schools).

You are supposed to study very hard for all of your exams, you will have to wake up very early every day to make it to class on time.

Your whole life schedule will be dependent on your school life. You won’t be able to go out because you’ll have to study, you won’t be able to stay late at night because you’ll have to wake up early and so on.

2 – Some students believe school is useless.

And they might be right depending on their perspective. In fact, many successful people believe that the whole school educational system is a joke. Elon musk is one of these people.

Elon musk went to the point where he created a private school for his children instead of sending them to regular schools.

The educational system in his private school is completely different and is oriented towards teaching children the skills needed in modern life.

Find out more about his school in this business insider article.

3 – Students are afraid of bullying or rejection.

Bullying and rejection might have devastating effects on children that may not only cause them to hate school, but cause them to hate life in general.

How do we approach these problems? Here are a few suggestions.

How to handle the responsibility and the pressure that comes with school?

Here’s a very important secret that you should know, YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE THE HIGHEST SCORE IN YOUR CLASS to consider your school life a success.

All you need to do is pass the exams, but not worry about having to get the highest grade possible on every exam. That’s it. That way, you’ll have more time to do things in your life other than studying.

Instead of studying day and night, working on every assignment, consuming all of your energy till you have nothing more to push forward till the rest of the year, you need to take things easier.

You don’t have to score the highest grades to consider yourself a success. Dedicate enough time to pass your exams, and use the rest of the time to spend on doing things that matter to you.

There are many things that schools do not teach, and you need to dedicate time to learn these things.

You need to read books on subjects other than history, math… You need to play sports, you need to break and fix things, and so on.

So, what I am saying here is that you shouldn’t feel obliged to give all of your time to your school education, because there are other educational resources outside of school for you to explore.

How does this make you hate school less? The moment you realize that your school grades aren’t going to decide your fate in life, then you’ll become more relieved and you’ll approach your school responsibilities in a healthier way.

Is School really useless?

Depends on how you see it. If you only consider school to be a place that forces you to learn things that might turn out to be of no use for you in the future, then yes, it’s useless.

But… If you think of school as a place to meet new people, communicate with teachers and learn from their life experiences, do group activities with teammates and fill up your free time, then schools become more interesting and useful.

You want to hate your school less? Think of it from the right perspective.

School isn’t just about exams and grades (which are things that you shouldn’t care about a lot as already mentioned), it is a place to make connections that might change your life later on.

What about bullying and rejection?

This is in fact a huge problem. The outcomes of bullying can affect the whole society.

What should you do when being bullied? As this article suggests, you need to FACE YOUR Bullies.

That way, there’s less chance that you’ll be an easy target for getting bullied, and the bully might not proceed to hurt other people because they were stopped before.

Face the bullies at all costs and use all methods. Ask for backup, talk to the school principal about it, ask your parents to take actions. Do not remain silent for whatever reason. You are always stronger than you think you are.

The more you stand up for yourself, the less toxic your school environment becomes and the less hate you’ll have to your school.

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