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Into the World of Blogging

One of the essential needs of a human being is communication. Different forms of human interactions exist all over our beloved planet, and these interactions are key to maintain the operating system that is built within ourselves from the second that we were born. I believe that the more proper communication and interaction a human have with other fellow humans, the better his/her life tend to be. There are of course thousands of forms of communications. One of these happens to be blogging. I am a developer, and in an attempt to use my spare time to share thoughts, opinions, knowledge, facts, laughs, questions, answers, and stories, I decided to start a blog.

Should you Start blogging too?

The short answer is simple: it’s up to you to decide.

Is it too late for someone to start a blog?

It’s 2020, and the internet is full of articles and blogs. Every second, more and more content is being fed to the web which means that the chances for a new blog to rise and become a thing are extremely low. Knowing that, why would someone decide that he/she should start their own blog too? The answer is that it depends on what a person is willing to achieve by starting a blog. If someone is aiming for QUICK profit, blogging may not be the answer because it will definitely take a long time to build readership and generate any revenue. In my case, I aim to take a small break each day from the long coding hours and to share my ideas to the world. This makes ‘starting a blog’ not too late for me, because by building a blog, I will be achieving both of my 2 main goals, one is to take a break from coding and do something I love(writing), two is that I share my ideas and thoughts with other people. If only one person reads this article, it means that my second goal Is achieved.

Back to the original question. If you are asking yourself whether you should start a blog or not, ask yourself this: What am I willing to accomplish by starting a blog? If the answer is something that you can achieve given the time you are living in, then by all means go for it. If not, then finding something else might end up being of a greater benefit for you.

One last thought: Asking yourself ‘what am I willing to accomplish’ when deciding to do anything (not just whether or not to start a blog) is always a good idea because the answer to this question will give you an insight about the chances of getting the thing done.

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