Is face painting worth it | The ultimate guide

If done right, face painting can be a great way to attend events that require you to get creative with how you or your children look. Yet there are some drawbacks that might make you ask yourself, is face painting worth it?

It depends. Face painting is definitely worth it if you are planning to use it for a very special occasion that does not occur regularly. However, for events that happen on a regular basis and events that aren’t of a huge importance, then it’s a good idea to avoid face painting.

The key idea here is that you probably shouldn’t be painting your face or your children’s faces regularly for many reasons including health issues. This brings me to the next question.

Is face painting safe?

It depends on how you do it. At the end of the day, face painting is putting a heavy amount of mixed chemical materials on your face. That might not always turn out to be a good idea.

So you need to take many things into consideration when doing face painting.

As mentioned in this daily mail article, 5% of 2017’s Halloween was caused by face painting. 5% is not a small percentage. The same article contains great tips that you might want to check out before you apply anything to your face. Here’s a summary to the tips that they mentioned:

  • Make sure to read the ingredients table before you buy the material
  • Do not use the same paint that you used in the last year.
  • Test if you’re allergic to the material before you use it
  • Do not apply face paint with your fingers
  • Get rid of the face paint immediately after you come back home

So yes, face painting can be dangerous sometimes which is why you need to make sure not to paint your face regularly.

But this does not mean that you shouldn’t be painting your face at all. After all, face painting is an awesome transformation to your looks and can make you feel special and happy. Face painting will also create a lot of beautiful memories for you that you can remember in the future.

When should you consider doing face painting

1 – Halloween parties

With every Halloween comes a great chance for people to put their disguise talents into practice. Face painting can turn into a huge opportunity here as we usually are unable to perfectly recognize people without seeing their faces.

Face paint is already being heavily used during Halloween parties and this will most probably remain the case for the years to come.

So, you’re looking for a perfect Halloween appearance? Use face painting along with a suitable costume and you’ll most probably look great.

 2 – Kids Birthdays

Kids birthday can also be a great chance for you to paint your children’s faces so that they can feel special and have a great time at the party.

Your children will love to see their faces painted with things that they truly love and care about, and the photos that you’re going to take are going to turn into great memories in the future.

However, there are few things that you need to be careful about here.

  • Birthday parties for kids are not very rare as your kids might be invited to so many birthday parties every year.
  • Make sure that it’s not only your children that arrive with paint on their face or else they might feel embarrassed.

So, not every kids birthday party should make you want to paint your children’s faces because that might be unhealthy for them. 

And you need to be 100% sure that most of the kids that are going to be at the party are also going to have paintings on their face so that your children do not feel different.

3 – Sports events

Face painting is very common in the audience during sports events. Especially during huge events like the FIFA world cup and the Superbowl.

As a huge soccer fan myself, I always enjoyed seeing some faces painted in the audience of any soccer match. Especially during the FIFA world cup where you’ll see that some people have painted the flag of their country on their faces and it always feels great to look at their faces.

So now that you have an idea of when you want to use face painting, the next question becomes can you do it by yourself?

Can you do face painting by yourself?

Yes you definitely can. Painting your own face isn’t very hard. Of course it depends on what you are trying to achieve. However, if you’re looking for simple looks, then you can definitely do it on your own.

The best way to approach it in my opinion is to let one of your family members do it for you. It will be even easier for them to paint your face than you painting it by yourself. It’s also better than going to a professional artist to do it for you as that might be expensive.

In case you need to have an idea about how you can paint your own face or how to let someone else do it for you, here’s a WikiHow article that may help you to at least get started.

To Summarize

Face painting is worth it for so many occasions. It can make you feel special, create great memories, have so much fun, look different, and so on.

But one thing that you need to keep in mind is to never over do it and to always use the non-toxic materials to keep yourself and your children safe.

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