Is it hard to learn blender? The ultimate guide

Let’s say that you love video games and movies, and you want to learn how to use Blender to unleash your creativity. You may wonder however, is it hard to learn blender? Here’s your quick answer.

It’s not very hard to learn Blender. In fact, you can start making your own good quality models in less than a few weeks. With the right approach and enough time, you can start making your own decent 3D models very easily and in no time.

You shouldn’t expect however that you make the next Ghost of Tsushima all by yourself.

However what you can expect is that you make very decent 3D models as a beginner that are worthy of being added to an indie game. With time, you’ll expand you knowledge and hopefully reach professional standards with enough hard work.

I learned the basics of blender in a few weeks and was able to create acceptable models for my games. I believe that blender is not hard to learn and I’ll share with you some tips that will help you learn Blender much faster in this article.

But first, it’s always good to know what a software can do before you start learning it for a couple of reasons.

  • You need to know if the software can really do what you are looking for.
  • It helps you stay motivated by learning about the amazing things that the software can achieve.

What can you create with blender?

The following is a list of what you can do in blender:

  • Create animated films
  • Create Models for Video Games
  • Create Art in general
  • Create models for 3D printing
  • Create Stunning visual effects
  • Much more

This short movie was all made in blender.

So there are tons of things that you can do in blender, which is really awesome. However, with so many capabilities comes some complications.

Since the software can do very much, it means that the amount of information that you need to learn might be overwhelming at first.

But trust me, with the right approach, things will be much easier that you think.

So that is what blender can do. Before I proceed, I would like to praise blender for a few seconds for some obvious reasons.

Why is blender Awesome?

First of all, Blender is an open source software. Meaning that anyone can go and check out the code behind the software. Open source pieces of software in general are really great and are very helpful for the community. 

I’ve written a full article about open source software in general if you want to check it out. Out of all the great open source software projects out there, Blender can be easily crowned as one of the best.

Blender offers most of the functionalities that the top commercial competitive software offer, for free. Some claim that blender has even surpassed Maya 3D at some features, which is the industry standard of 3D software.

Alright, enough praise for blender. How should you approach learning it?

If you approach blender the wrong way, you may end up finding it really hard to learn it and might eventually quit. So here are some tips for you:

1 – Master the basics.

Before you worry about creating anything in blender, learn about the most basic actions that you can do in blender.

How to move and rotate things around, how to add the default meshes that come with blender, how to place the cursor, how to customize the workplace and so on.

You might think that doing the simple tasks should be very intuitive in any software and that you don’t need to learn about them as you’ll figure them out on your own.

This is not the case with Blender. Since the software has so much to offer, you’ll find out that they can’t make everything intuitive for you as you might think.

So take your time mastering the basics and then move forward.

2 – Learn something new everyday.

If you think that you are able to just sit down for 8 hours once a week to learn blender faster, you are wrong.  It’s so much better if you split these 8 hours throughout the week instead.

You can’t feed your brain a lot of information in a short amount of time, a better way would be to split things up.

Open Blender everyday, no matter how busy you are. Just open it and do something as simple as moving a cube then close it, but don’t leave the software un-opened for more than 24 hours.

Why would you want to do that? Simply because when you open it to only do a very simple task, you’ll most probably end up doing much more without you noticing.

The hardest part about learning something new is deciding to start. Once you are in the process, you’ll find out that things are usually easier than you thought they were.

So open the blender everyday no matter what.

3 – Forget about the perfect 3D model.

When creating things in blender, there is no such thing called the perfect model.

Even the most advanced blender users and artists in general can agree on this.

So when working on models in Blender, don’t waste your time perfecting things. Instead, make sure that you have learned what you needed to learn and move on.

With time, your models will get much better, they won’t be very good at first, and you need to let go of them instead of wasting your time perfecting them and ending up making it worse and not learning anything new.

4 – Watch others use blender

This is one of the best pieces of advice that I can give you. Go to YouTube and just watch others make things in blender.

You don’t need to try copying what they do, all you need to do is just watch them creating models.

Why would you do that? Because you will learn A LOT. There are hundreds of blender shortcuts that I have learned about just by watching others use them. 

There are always better ways to do things in blender than the way I do them, and that’s why I watch someone doing something in blender everyday, and I end up learning something new all the time.

I usually watch people doing things that I haven’t learned about yet just so that I have a general overview about what I can do with these things once I decide to learn them.

For example, Even though you might not be quite ready to start doing animations in blender for example, go watch people animating things. 

That way, you’ll have an idea about what you can really do with animation and an idea about what you’re stepping into when you decide to learn animation in blender.

I have watched hundreds of YouTube videos of people doing things in blender, and I saved many of them as a reference for later use. This was truly a great way for me to learn things in blender. Give it a try.

Can you learn blender for free?

Yes you can, there are tons of free online tutorials that can get you started with blender. Go check them out. Blender Guru, Royal Skies and many others are really worth watching.

So that concludes today’s article. To summarize. Is it hard to learn blender? No it’s not. You just have to put in the effort, open blender everyday for at least 1 minute, keep learning and never give up.

Thank you for reading this far, have a nice day.