List of movies to watch during the pandemic

Among all the problems that came with the recent Coronavirus pandemic is the fact that people now have to find ways to pass their time at home without getting bored. What a better way to spend some quality time than to watch a movie? Some movies are brilliant and hold much more meaning than you would expect. I have compiled a list of some great movies for you that I believe you might like. (Don’t worry, the list does not include any spoilers).

1- Parasite

Parasite might be the greatest movie of the entire decade. It’s a korean movie that aired in 2019. The movie made history as it was the first non-english movie to win the Best picture Oscars award. It includes 5 different movie-genres and it flawlessly sheds light on world wide society problems like gaps between the rich and the poor, greed, cunning and a lot of other society problems. You can never predict what happens next as the movie contains crazy twists that you would never expect. A must watch movie. It’s the best movie I have ever watched.

2- Pursuit of Happyness

This movie is based on a real life story of a salesman who becomes a millionaire starting from nothing. The movie goes through some of the worst days the salesman had during his life and shows how he manages to pull himself up no matter the odds. A great movie that is full of emotions and is super motivational. Will Smith takes the role of the main character of the movie and it might be one of the best Will Smith performances in his huge career.

3- The Joker

The Joker character was admired by so many people to the point that the DC universe decided to give the character its own movie named ‘The Joker’ in 2019. If you have watched The dark knight and other movies that included the joker, then ‘the joker’ movie might not be what you think it is. The joker movie tells the story of how and why the joker became the super villain that everyone knows about. The movie talks about the early life of the joker and how much suffering he passed through to become one of the most dangerous bad guys in the city of Gotham. This movie is the first R rated movie to make more than $1B in the box office and it’s a must watch if you love violence movies.

4- Avatar

If you haven’t watched the avatar yet, you should. The movie contains one of the most beautiful imaginary worlds of all time. The visual effects that this movie includes are just awesome. A great story of human colonizers who want to wipe the locals off a moon called Pandora so that they can take it’s resources. The movie revolves around the war between the colonizers and the locals of Pandora who are trying to protect their wonderful homeland.

5- Lord of the rings movies (1, 2, 3)

There is a huge chance you have already watched the 3 lord of the rings movies. I didn’t watch these movies until recently. One of my university professors was shocked when he knew that I haven’t watched the movies yet and told me that the only thing that I should do in the next few hours is watch them, and I’m glad I did. The movies are excellent and contain some of the most iconic scenes ever made.

6- A beautiful mind

A real story about a great mathematician named John Nash who had a rare illness. John Nash used to imagine people that never existed. He always talked about his dorm roommate during his college days even though records showed that he didn’t have any roommates at that time. A beautiful mind visualizes the struggle that this great mathematician had to pass through and how he became one of the best mathematicians of his time. There is one word that I have in mind to describe the movie, and the word is ‘masterpiece‘. The acting, the music and the way the story is told are all brilliant and very well done.

7 – Kung Fu hustle

This movie is not known by so many people. However, it is by far one of the greatest movies I have ever watched. It’s a chinese kung fu action comedy movie. The movie is about a group of kung fu masters fighting each other. Each one of them has his/her own unique super powers. The movie contains some of the weirdest yet super entertaining fight scenes ever. It is super funny yet it does contain some violence. If you’re fine with that, you’ll love it. 

8 – Interstellar

In a nutshell, this movie tells the story of a team of explorers who attempt to find a new habitable planet to ensure humanity’s survival. Interstellar is rich, deep, detailed and filled with emotions. Even though the movie is around three hours long, it keeps you hooked all the time. In addition to being a visual masterpiece, the soundtrack is nothing less than perfect. That’s why Interstellar is one of the few movies that I found compelling to watch more than once!

If you’ve watched any of the above movies already, let us know your opinion about it in the comments section.

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