Looking for a pet? A snake might be the answer!

This might seem crazy at first, but having a snake as a pet is worth considering. We’re definitely not talking about the venomous snakes like the cobra, or the huge ones like the anaconda. Because, you know, these might actually kill you. The snakes we’re talking about are the friendly and safe species. Some examples are the corn snake, the California kingsnake, and the ball python. Here are some of the reasons why a snake might make a good pet for you:

1. Snakes are calm and silent

Because of their calm nature, snakes have been known to be good therapy pets especially for people with autism. The hyperactivity of dogs and the darting behavior of cats can be overwhelming for some people. On the other hand, snakes move slowly, don’t make much noise, and are interesting to look at!

2. Snakes don’t require much attention

When you own a snake, you don’t have to worry about vaccinating them or taking them to a vet as often as other pets. In addition to that, most snakes only need to be fed once a week. They also aren’t attention seeking animals, so even if you let them sit in their enclosure without interacting with them, they’ll be more than happy with it.

3. Snakes don’t cause allergic reactions

Snakes don’t have any feather or fur. If you’re allergic to these things, snakes are a good alternative for mammals and birds. Since snakes are hypoallergenic animals and are covered in scales rather than soft skin, they don’t cause any allergic reactions.

Things to keep in mind before getting a pet snake

Before you go and purchase a snake, keep in mind what you’re looking for in a pet. If you’re looking for affection or motivation then maybe a dog will fit you better, but if you just want something beautiful that adds life to your home then snakes might be what you’re looking for.