4 methods to know if a game is worth buying

Video games can be one of the greatest sources of entertainment whenever you feel bored or have some free time. However, to make sure that your experience is not ruined, you need to pick the right games for yourself.

How to know if a game is worth buying? To know if a game is worth buying, all you need to do is to check out the opinions of people who have already played the game, learn more about the background of the game and about the studio behind it.

The following are the best methods you can follow in order to determine if the game that you have in mind is the right one for you.

Check out the game reviews

What better way to know if something is good or not than to check the opinion of the people who already tried it? Most of the time, you can tell whether the game that you are planning to purchase is good or bad using only the reviews.

Many gamers have developed the habit of reviewing the games they have played. On steam for example, you will almost always have all the opinions you need to read in order to know if the game is worth it or not.

You will find positive reviews, negative reviews, and in depth reviews that cover all the aspects of the game.

Gamers will have no mercy on any game they play. They won’t hesitate to warn the people who are trying to purchase the game about any flaws they might experience in the game.

One thing to note here however. While user game reviews are useful most of the time, they can sometimes be misleading. This usually happens in video games that are sequels to previous games.

Take ‘The last of us 2’ as an example.

‘The Last of Us’ game has gained one of the highest ratings a gaming studio could ever wish for. The game was considered by many people as one of the greatest games of all time.

Then a sequel came out in 2020, and the reviews from the people weren’t good. If you check the user reviews of ‘The Last of Us 2’ on any of the major game reviews websites, you’ll notice that almost half the people who played the game gave it a negative review.

But not all of these reviews were objective. Metacritic gave the game a score of 94 for example, which is an excellent score.

So which one should you believe, the users or the game critics?

In order to know whom to believe, you need to know the reason behind their reviews. Most of the users hated the second game because of the story. There were major plot twists in The last of us 2 that the users did not see coming.

You might play the last of us 2 and still believe that it is a masterpiece even though the users’ reviews were very negative.

The game had stunning graphics, seamless game play, start of the art animations and so on. The story however was very controversial. 

So to decide whether you should buy the game or not in such case, check out the reason behind the reviews and decide only according to the reviews that make the most sense to you and the reviews that are the most objective.

So, always check the game reviews before you buy any game, but also be careful as sometimes the reviews can be misleading, which brings me to the next point.

Check out the game play on YouTube or Twitch

Almost all major games have some game play footage on YouTube or Twitch. If you’re still not sure whether to buy a game or not, then go to YouTube and look for a ‘lets play’ video on the game.

PewDiePie, Markiplier, and many other gaming channels have played through many of the games that you might be interested in.

You don’t have to go through the whole game on YouTube as that will spoil the experience for you. What you can do is check the first few minutes or hours of the game to see if it’s worth buying or not.

I usually look for ‘lets play’ videos that do not contain any commentary just so that I can experience the game the same way I will experience it if I was playing it myself, but feel free to go for YouTube who talk about the game while playing it.

Still not sure of whether you should buy the game or not? 

Ask the people about the game. 

If you didn’t find enough reviews on the game, or you couldn’t find any video about the game on YouTube, or you are just not sure yet whether you should buy the game or not, you can ask for help from people.

Reddit is a great option here. There is a subreddit called r/ShouldIbuythisgame that can help you. Just go to the subreddit and ask people whether you should buy the game that you have in mind or not.

You will get very interesting answers from people who have already played the game.

You can also use the subreddit to let people suggest new games for you if you have no clue about what game you should buy next. Just tell people what games you have already played and liked, and they will recommend similar games for you.

Learn more about the studio behind the game

Sometimes checking who made the game can help. For example, if you are not sure whether to buy a game or not, you can check the previous games made by the studio behind the game.

If their previous games look good and are perceived well by the public, then that’s a good sign. However if the studio behind the game is completely unknown or has a bad reputation, then you need to be careful.

I need to note here that checking the studio behind a game shouldn’t be the most important factor when you are debating whether or not to purchase the game. Here are the reasons why

  • Many studios have some messed up games even though they have great reputation
  • Studios can always improve, so if they have a negative history, it doesn’t always mean that any new games they create will be bad

So do check the developers behind the game just as a first impression on the game, but do not consider it as a deciding factor of whether you should buy the game or not.

Here’s a summary of what you have just read.

The most important factor to know if a game is worth buying is the reviews of the people who have already played the game. 

Before you buy a new game, do the following:

  • Check out the reviews of the game
  • Watch the game play footage on youtube
  • Ask people about the game
  • Learn more about the developers behind the game

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