Mind blowing thoughts you will love to check out

Our mind is the greatest gift we could ever have. With it, comes some mind blowing thoughts every now and then.

We call ourselves the intelligent species. We consider ourselves superior to all other existing species because we have intelligence, we have great minds.

Everyone of us might have thought of some mind blowing thoughts one day, including me, and I’ll be listing these thoughts here.

They may sound silly, but I believe they are worth reading, so please stick around.

You can also share your own mind blowing thoughts in the comments section which would be really great.

Alright here we go.

Here are some mind blowing thoughts that may not come to your mind regularly.

1 – All the life that we know today exists only in our brains

What does this mean? 

This means that our brain controls every single life event that we have. Every emotion, every laughter, every tear, every memory, everything that we remember is created by our brain and exists in it.

I know this is not a mind blowing thought because everyone already knows that this is a very well known fact, but bear with me a second.

Our brains can imagine how the future will be. For example, if you have a girl that you really like, you will at least have thought about telling her your feelings in your imagination.

You have even pictured the whole scenario in your mind on your bed. Here’s a possible scenario that you might have thought of:

First, you approach her while she’s with her friends and ask to take her for a side talk, she accepts, you then take her aside, look her in the eye and confess your feelings. 

She says she likes you too and you’re now not single any more

But it’s all happening in your mind in a matter of seconds.

I don’t care about the story here, what I care about is how you felt during the story. So here’s a question for you, how did it feel during imagining the above scenario or any other scenario?

I can safely say that you too think that it felt SO REAL. When your imagination takes you places, the emotions evoked because of your thoughts are so real, even though the things that you have imagined have never happened and might never happen.

In case of imagining yourself ‘confessing to someone you love’, you feel excited, happy, you feel love, care and so much more. Even though you haven’t told them anything yet and whatever happened in your mind might not really happen in reality.

What does all this mean? And here’s my mind blowing thought for you: we can control our emotions with our own imagination without needing anything else.

If your brain can evoke emotions by thought, then you can maintain happiness throughout the rest of your life no matter what life throws at you. All you need to do is control your emotions with your thoughts, and with enough training, you’ll remain happy for the rest of your life.

Happiness does not require anything but believing you can be happy. Believe it and it becomes true.

This can backfire though, if a person loses herself/himself with negative thoughts, their life could become a mess so you need to be careful about your thoughts all the time.

On a side note. Art has a great effect on our emotions because it triggers imagination with in turn triggers emotions. So make sure you enjoy the proper types of art too.

2 – the reality around us might not be the way we think it is, our 5 senses may be tricking us.

This is a more mind blowing thought than the one above. 

Everything around us, from colors, to materials, to sounds may not be the way we think they are, but our senses are tricking us into seeing/ hearing/ feeling them the way that we do.

I’ll give you a quick example. Let’s talk about computer vision for a minute. In very simple words, it’s basically computers trying to understand the world around them through the cameras and other sensors that are attached to those computers (or let’s call them robots).

These robots are able to navigate the environments they are put in freely without any problems. They avoid obstacles, they take the shortest paths and do other things.

How can they do that? They can See what’s around them using cameras and sensors.

But… How do they see the world? What a computer does is take a photo of the environment, saves it as arrays of numbers that represent colors, and processes it using advanced algorithms.

So what exactly is the world to a robot? It is a series of numbers. That’s it. 

The computer’s abilities are limited and so they can’t see the true world around them, but they can transform the data that they collect from the world into a format that they can understand.

If a computer can express emotions, all of its emotions would be based on a fake perception of the world around it. To the computer, the world is arrays of numbers, when in fact it’s much more than that.

What proves to us that we too are not perceiving the world in its true form?

Our senses may be tricking us by collecting the things around us the way our brains can process.

Ever thought about that?

Alright, enough from me, it’s your turn, please leave your mind blowing thoughts in the comments below so that other people can check them out.

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